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**Note: These are all 42 poems that I've made within the 6 years.**

   Along this road, that we call life, we come across a lil thing called "love." Depending on how your introduced to it, lies how well you'll adapt. In my case, I tried, for the life of me, to put into words how I felt. I figured that was all I had to do in order to have the guy(my first love),  fall in love with me, just as much as I was in love with him. I was wrong. And its safe to say that this has been the hardest, craziest, roller coaster of my life.
    Being 20 now, I know a lot more then I did then. And am able to realize the things I never knew was possible. At 14, I looked at the world through rose tinted glasses. Everything was peachy and love was very much alive in me, just as it is today. So, follow along with me, my life, as it unraveled and see chapter by chapter(or by age), just how crazy life can be when love follows.
    And for what its is like a river. The further you follow it, the more deeper and clearer it becomes. I don't think you quite ever "get over" you first love either. My deepest apologies, if that's the answer you were hoping for.

Btw: My poems will be set up by my age, at the time it was written.
     Age 14                  Age 15                       Age 16
*No one should have to write             *These are when things were             *This was when my poetry
these things when they're so young*       starting to get harder to explain*        started getting better*
- I Was Wrong                        - Back Again                        - My Love      - Fire

                                                  - Lost                                 - Confused                              - To You      - Watching You
                                                 - Forever                             - My Babe                               - Closer
                                                                             Age 17
*This was obviously the most                                                                                                                *These are more recent poems
    difficult time*                                                                                                                   from when i was 17*
- In the Dark    - Shot in the Heart    - A Second Chance                         -Mountain of time      -Would You      -Sorry      -Convinced
- Amends        - Another Day           - Colors        - Left                          - Petco                  - Part of Me
- Its Ok             - Over Time            - Surprised
- Within           - New                       - Wonder

      Age 18                         Age 19                       Age 20

                                        *Just a few,                         *Again, I was trying not to          *My most recent ones*
                                                  but not many*                                   always turn to poetry*
-Lessons      -Maybe                   -Float Away, My Balloon                -Real Love
                    -The Second You Die                 -God's in Charge      -At 19            -Your 15 Minutes of Fame
                   -Suicide        -Moving On