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The views and opinions expressed on this website are not professional, the ideas, thoughts, emotions, and expressions are strictly amateur. Submitted by real every day people, from different backgrounds, and occupations. This site is dedicated to finding out what makes men and women tick.Oh, the eternal quest for information, some of us have it, some of us want it, and I am trying to get just a little bit.So I ventured out into the world, there seems to be some sort of mass confusion among the everyday people about the opposite sex. Are we really that different or has the "Battle of the Sexes" just gone on for so long that we just don't care anymore… or is everybody just out trying to get some.I wanted to know, so out amongst the populace I tried to find some answers.The following will contain my findings, and some hard-hitting facts…. Uh yeah right, maybe it will just give us some more information about each other. I really did try to bring out some enlightenment.After reading the following, fill free to send any comments or questions have not been covered.

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