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#2a. More info about The Annual Artistic Family Day on Saturday, January 25th, 2003
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#2c. BOOKS. More info about where to purchase our BOOKS
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#2e. How do I join the BNB Band?

We currently have two handmade books published by D S A M E :

"We Tried To Change The World"

The origin of the BNB. The love-in-action true story, written in easy-to-understand poetry, of two people, one, a traveler headed North, one, a traveler, coming from Seattle, headed South, accidentally meeting aboard a bus, then later crossing the country to meet again near the beaches of Santa Monica, California. Their plan was to travel together, to feed the hungry together and to start a band together. But every plan has unavoidable obstacles. The adventure unfolds throughout the Midwest by bus, and up along the beautifully photographed California coast by car. This book is complete with many photos, actual letters written between the two, receipts and much more.

Handwritten, hand made of post-consumer recycled paper. the author, T.v.L.i.m.i.t. BNB. $15.00

Hobos Inc.

The unusual, fictional, comedy, movie screenplay of 4 homeless men as they encounter the real life obstacles of trying to become productive members of society as businessmen marketing a new "boo coo weed" (an anti-marijuana designed to end the addiction). They begin traveling across the country and have experiences with poverty, doughnut eating police officers, animal-warehouse like homeless shelters, marijuana addiction, homicidal nazis, mental instability, overwhelming grief of deceased lovers and much more. Several photos. Author: T.v.L.i.m.i.t. BNB. $7.50

Typed, and hand-made in the U.S.A. of recycled paper.

If you would like to buy this package by mail here's how: Each book will cost 2.50 in shipping plus $2.50 shipping & packing fee. We use the least expensive shipping service, use an envelope with recycled content and use a delivery confirmation number system. We accept money orders only (though we do accept personal checks that are drawn on banks located within Portland, Oregon. No other personal checks accepted.) No cash please. Please make it payable to : D S A M E.

Send us an email to inquire about the mailing address where you should send your payment.

It will usually take 2-4 weeks for delivering but please allow up to 60 days for delivery.

Thank you all!

Thank you for for your interest in the BNB Christian Free-Op B.A.N.D. of Bands. Thank you for your interest in D S A M E.

Devoted to
America's Hungry...
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