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We Came To Protest On Behalf Of (The Untitled)

The above issue is issue number: True Love In Da' Heart, Two Fists In Da' Air

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Want More? Issue Number : Love & Equality Discussion

If you can print this out (I couldn't *happy laughter*), you will find this page is FAR more clear and legible!

Thank you for visiting this freezine web page. If you have a zine, newspaper, magazine, book or any other publication, you are welcome to place my comic strip, "We Came To Protest On Behalf Of (The Untitled)" in it. I own the copyright to it, but anyone can reproduce it, without needing to pay me anything. Just be cool and don't change anything in it. ok? Thanx! More to come soon! This is just the beginning!

Love & light for all,

T.v.L.i.m.i.t. BNB

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