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Welcome, weary traveler, to our realm.

The Well of Lost Plots


You look up to see who is addressing you.Perched on a window seat not five feet from the door you just stumbled through is a short young woman with blonde curly hair and grey eyes.You just notice that she is not alone when she speaks again.


Allow me to introduce myself.My name is Lady Caroline Elisabet Marie Hayworthy, Duchess of Riddenthorpe and Gaskonbury.I am Keeper of the Keys here at the Well.


She motions to her friend, a blue-eyed woman whose long brunette hair is gathered into a braid.The woman is seated on a bright red couch positioned next to a large iron door.


My cousin, partner of crime and fiction and Guardian of the Quill, answers to the name and title Lady Juliette Angelie Maureen Markham, Countess of Brixtin and Aeves.


The Countess rises from her seat and addresses you.


You have traveled deep into the kingdom of Torinvia to find the Well.On behalf of our rulers, King Maximillian and Queen Constantina, we greet you and thank you for your kind attentions.


The Countess and the Duchess stand on either side of the large door.


The Well of Lost Plots is home to many realms.By stepping through this gateway you will enter the Hall of Doors.Through each door a variety of stories await you.


The Duchess withdraws a large, ornate key from her skirt pocket and moves to unlock the door.


There are friends to greet and enemies to despise.There are hopes and prayers, There is laugher and tears, love and hate, life and loss.






Enter and read your fill.








The name of our home, The Well of Lost Plots, was borrowed without permission from the novel of the same name by Jasper Fforde.It is from the Thursday Next series.Go out and read these books.They are fabulous and wonderful.And we donít just say that because we stole the title;)