My own poetry, short fiction et cetera

I am not a poet. I never have been, and unfortunately, never will be. I do, though, have a wonderful appreciation for poetry, the images and emotions that you can experiance while reading it. One late (approx. 2 AM) evening, I began spilling out my first real poem. I have written one other since then, and have decided to post them for your enjoyment. For those slightly harder to please, I will also post one of my short stories.


Inside is terrifying. it is garish fake brightness and devilish fake dark. it is sorkid locked rooms and closed windows to strike fear of what is unknown Inside. We sneak around the frustrating familiars hoping to go unnoticed. fear is important for it tells us what to safely do and avoid. sneaking and avoiding is not the proper way to act, Inside. Inside longs to be Outside. Outside can dance in the real rain, sing with the real birds and lie on the ground listening to the heartbeat of earth's real unborn. Outside is free to go without locked doors and closed windows. free to know what lurks in the dark. everything seems different from Inside. but as the sun sets, jealous Inside comes Outside to warn of the new danger. locked dark rooms fear open dark woods. pestering familiars fear potentially dangerous strangers. Outside cannot be rid of Inside. so We run, fighting, to Inside's dark familiarity, not looking back to see what new danger is following from Outside to make Inside even scarier.

The Sky

Vast glacier billowing white and icy blue embracing daffodils, enticing you to go to run light and brisk then biting from inside out. Low ceiling Flat and stifling, garishly colored mocking jollity. muggy, it chokes you dragging through filing and drudgery, praying for freedom Gentle blanket frendly yet frightening, slowly opening doors to dreamworld luring you to dark, to dare to see what one cannot Crystal highway. Dazzling beauty. stunningly massive proving size doesn't matter sometimes passed the test, in dark euphoria, relaxing eyes