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I'm back, not that anyone actually reads this site except me. I would be better off just doing mass emails to all my friends, but I'm too lazy. My "friend" Mark called me a slut today, in nicer terms. He said,"I can't believe that your mother won't let you read Stephen King but will let *umm* people spend the night at your house." By people, of course, he meant my boyfriend, Adam. So far, I am still a virgin, and depending on my mood, will lose that sometime between tomorrow and my 37th birthday. I hate being a teenager with conflicting emotions and increased sexuality. Damned raging horemones! Damn Mark Bond!!!!!! I hate his bloody guts. I wish he would realize how much I respect him and am jealous of him. THAT'S RIGHT!!! Goddamned bloody jealous!!! He and his homosexual partner call me a goth, which is something I have been seriously debating, but they make it sound so negative. I mean, not all goths are into voodoo dolls and casting spells. That would be VooDoo and Wicca, neither of which do I participate in. In fact, depending on the day and my emotions, I'm usually a Christian. Some days I doubt myself and am not even sure if God exists, but he shouldn't tease me about that, it's a very sensitive area in my life, at least for now. I think I'm going to cry. I started out typing in a good mood, happy and upbeat, as you can tell, but now even talking about Mark makes me upset. He hurt me so much. Now that I'm spilling my soppy, over emotional, teenage girl guts all over the internet, I might as well mention that I am in dire need for a close friendship. Someone email me, and return to my website. I might actually update sometime this year! Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Bless the bed that I lay on. Four corners to my bed, Four Angels 'round my head. One to watch and one to pray, And two to bear my soul away.

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