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Welcome to Modernism 101.

Reading List:

Pound. The Cantos (1-95)
Stein. Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein:
The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas.
Tender Buttons.
The Winner Loses: A Picture of Occupied France.
The Coming of Americans.
Joyce. Finnegans Wake.


Ambitious goal: to get to know all of this work.

Realistic goal: to get to know the parameters of the work, to read parts of it in class, and to use these twelve weeks as a ground work from which to continue studies of Modernist poetry.

Realistic goal #2: to use the workshop as an integrative space through which we can read and discuss Pound, Joyce, and Stein alongside student work and student projects. Also to invent and complete a number of writing exercises based on the work that we read.


Feb. 6 Intros, Pound Cantos 1-30
Feb. 13 Joyce: Finnegans Wake Part I (to p. 216)
Feb. 20 Stein: from The Autobiography of ABT “GS Before She Came to Paris” and “After the War”
Feb. 27 Pound Cantos XXXI-LI
March 6 Joyce Finnegans Wake Part II (to p. 399)
March 13 Stein: Tender Buttons
March 20: Pound Cantos LII-LXXI
March 27: Joyce Finnegans Wake Part III (to p. 590)
April 3: no class.
April 10 Stein A Picture of Occupied France, The Winner Loses
April 17 Pound Cantos LXXIV-95 (The Pisan Cantos)
April 24: Joyce Finnegans Wake Part IV (to End)
May 1: May Day Party, Conclusions

Here are some useful links:

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