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Current News: July 2012

Robert Duncan: The Ambassador From Venus (University of California Press) is now available through Amazon and UCal Press. I'll be giving talks and doing book signings in Buffalo, Milwaukee, Washington, New York, and San Francisco. Contact me at for more information.

Robert Duncan

Robert Duncan's publications:

Duncan's major publications include: Selected Poems (City Lights Pocket Series, 1959), Letters from Flood Editions, The Opening of the Field (Grove Press, 1960/New Directions), Roots and Branches (Scribner's, 1964/New Directions), Bending the Bow (New Directions, 1968), Fictive Certainties (Essays) (New Directions, 1983), Ground Work: Before the War (New Directions, 1984), Groundwork II: In the Dark (1987), Selected Poems (1993), A Selected Prose (1995), The H.D. Book(University of California Press) and Collected Works (forthcoming from the University of California Press).

You can find out more about Robert Duncan's New Directions books at New Directions

Resources for Researchers: Robert Duncan's letters, manuscripts, and notebooks are housed at libraries around the country.

State University of New York at Buffalo: This is the most comprehensive collection of Duncan's manuscripts. It includes Duncan's notebooks from the 1940s through the 1980s, letters that Duncan received from many poets and artists, Duncan's manuscripts, and photographs of Duncan. Most of the Duncan materials in this collection are not included in the University's electronic library catalogue. Be sure to ask for a print version of the index of Robert Duncan's notebooks. Buffalo's Poetry/Rare Books Collection

University of California at Berkeley: The Bancroft Library houses some of Duncan's early notebooks as well as his correspondence with friends such as Pauline Kael, Sanders Russell, Robin Blaser, and Jack Spicer. The Bancroft Library

Kent State University: This collection includes Duncan's correspondence with James Broughton. Kent State Special Collections

University of California at San Diego: The Mandeville Collection houses Robert Duncan's correspondence with Donald Allen, Jerome Rothenberg, and Joanne Kyger. San Diego Library

Stanford University: Stanford University's manuscript collection includes important materials related to poets Denise Levertov and Robert Creeley. Stanford University

University of Connecticut at Storrs: This library houses Charles Olson's papers, Robert Duncan's correspondence with Michael Rumaker, and one of Duncan's notebooks from the 1950s. University of Connecticut

The Poetry Center: One of Robert Duncan's first homes, the Poetry Center at San Francisco State University offers a number of resources for poets and scholars. The Poetry Center

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