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My Little Ponies were my very favourite toys when I was a little girl. Playing alone, or with my friends, the little ponies always went for the most fantastic, elaborate adventures. I'm not quite sure where their immerse attraction lay. Of course they were magical! Beautiful but yet clever and they carried with them a touch of fairytale and fantasy, of magic, wonders and faraway lands.

However, little girls grow up, and I forgot about my old playmates. Well, not completely, of course... Most of my (quite impressive) collection of these little plastic equines is stored on the attic of my parents house. Sell them? No way! I even have my absolute favorite stacked in a box on top of my wardrobe in my room there. I felt quite silly about this sentimental attitude towards a few pieces of colourful plastic, though. Imagine my complete and utter surprise when I find, by a haphazard chance, that there are tons of grown up people collecting the little ponies.

Stumbling over one of the best fanfics I have ever read, all categories, Horse of a Different Colour by Lady Moondancer, made me make up my mind. This part of my page is belonging to the flutter ponies, the unicorns and pegasi, the earthlings and young colts and fillies, the windy wing and the clyesdale and all the other breeds of Ponyland.

Welcome over the rainbow!

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