my Thoughts of a Master and slave

by lilacnlace

The bonding between a Master / slave, is one of trust and guidance, of caring and listening to E/each one. To establish growth between B/both, not only inside the slave but unto the Master Himself. To test E/ach ones ability to communicate and respond. To push and limit not what E/ach one wants or thoughts. To own and control that of His slave , and she to serve and please, obeying with out question or hesitation. To build what is inside of E/each other to be more not only to the other , but to T/themselves, and always refining what is inside T/them and who T/they are.   A Master will mold and train His slave into what He wishes her to be and to best serve Him in all ways and thoughts, To have control of her , in the simplest manner, foods, clothing, moods, thoughts and so on. His wants His needs are that of the slave to take care of to see that she knows and is directed in such manners. He is to guide her and rule her, to become her only need and want. Owning a slave is a great demand on a Master, as they are temperamental and easily hurt, a slave needs strict ruling and guidance. Punishment and phrase, and one can become unruly when they feel are being neglected .

             A slave, is to please and serve her Master at all times .her own thoughts and needs or wants are secondary to that of her Master’s, she is His property He owns her and will do with her as He see’s fit, Regardless of if the slave objects. For the Master always has the best interest of His slave at heart and will do as such . Domestic or sexual, is His choice to do as He feels and see’s fit. Knowing her Master will always take into consideration her thoughts or wants , His final decision are always what He feels is best for the relationship and for E/each other.

               Learning about E/each other takes time and patients on B/both parts, the want to know all is important and must be there in order to understand and help O/one another to learn and teach. For a good slave will teach her Master as will a Master teach and train His slave. It is a partnership not a One on one arrangement. To strive to be what the Other wants and needs. To share laughter and joy, pain and pleasure, to grow within E/each other.  By making mistakes and learning from them. Picking up and moving on, carrying E/each other. Both leading and guiding, to be the Master and slave.  To step back at times and reunite and grow into and for E/each other.

               Caring and loving for E/each other is build and not just an over night happening. Within learning and growing come Trust, Communications, Understanding and Love, among other emotions and happenings. Honesty between a Master and slave is vital for one dishonest word of thought can destroy even the best of Master/slave relationships. And E/each are left with bitterness and hurt, is not right and if E/ach respect and honor the O/other then all things can be worked out and talked about and see what happened and learn and go on,

               The greatest gift a slave can give to her Master is herself and the control over her, and the greatest gift a Master can give to His slave is the power of phrase and love, A Master will use His slave to fulfill His wildest needs , wants and desires. A slave will do all she can within her to see that He is proud and always pleases her Master, for the greatest love is that of a Master and His slave.

              If a Master leaves His slave, she is left in total loss and confusion for she has been trained and nurtured for this One. she will not know where to turn or seek help. A slave depends completely upon her Master for her needs and wants. For this is what a true slave has been conditioned and trained for, For Him and Him alone; and with out that part of her a true slave will aims hopelessly lost . Turning to whom ever offers any type of guidance. Making her journey a long and lonely one . Most time a slave never fully recovers from the separation from her One. For not only is a slave inside hurt but all that she has been taught and trained for, her beliefs and heart are broken. A slave is a true spirit inside of her , this shows to all who come in contact of a true slave. Once that spirit has been damaged, a slave will pull inside herself and it will take a strong Master to gain control of her again;