Welcome To My World

Welcome to My World


All the work on this website, is my own, i wrote or drew it. By viewing any piece of my work you accept my terms and conditions;

I am not liable for any upset/problems you may have with anything i have written/drawn, by viewing any piece of my work, you are subject to my terms and conditions. I cannot be held responsible for the content in my work, or the actions of those who view it. I am sorry if anything offends you, if it offends you to such an extent, email me about it, and i'll see what i might be able to do. No piece of work will be edited on the sole cause of any person(s) taking offense to it. If you choose to try to contact me, i am under no obligation to contact you, it is my choice whether to contact you or not. Do not email me with abuse, you will not be responded to.

Please do not use any of my work for anything commercial or for personal use(although i doubt it would be) without my permission. This is all my own work, and took my time to write/draw it. Please do not use anything for anything other than personal satisfaction of viewing, without my permission. Thank you very much.

If anyone does wish to use a piece of my work, they can contact me here

I do have msn messenger, and AIM. If you wish to contact me, please email me first, with your MSN messenger adress, or AIM handle. Thank you, an i hope you enjoy my site...

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This is a work in progress, i am sorry for anything that does not work, or simply isnt there at the end of a link. I would appareaciate it very much if you should spot any typographical errors, or serious problems with pages, if you could email me with the problem, and the place it is in. Thank you very much.