The Sikth | Tom Lawson
The Sikth

The Sikth.

Rp -only-
no status.
Do what you want, when you want.
Emphisis on bad.
Absolutly no interfierance with mainstream clans/goings on.
"All for one, and one for all"
Clan will collect goods and gold and pool resources.
No more than 18 members.(excluding leaders of any sort)
Thief/assassin only.
'Shady characters'
Rp names only.
no more than two characters in clan for any one person.
Including leaders.(preferably only one per person.)
No more than three leaders.
Mercenarys, we can be hired for a cause.
No cause threatening over exposure of the clan will be faught.
Fights that are started, will be finished.
if reinforcements turn up for them, run like hell.
Not allowed to stay.
Steal and run, no un-orthadox thefts;
hacking, abusing new players limited knowledge.
Extorsionate prices is fine, if someone needs it that
badly, they can pay for it ;).

NO OOC ARGUMENTS. No bad mouthing, and you MUST, follow
your shadow, if at all you can help it,

Don't be overly helpfull. Simple questions are fine.
But don't run someone somwhere -for free ;)-.

The whole point to the sikth, is it is an underground
collective, not feared, and not
respected, simply unknown.

If you are caught thieving, as in someone searches you
out, all gold must be returned to the people in the
square you stole from.

Drop stealing banned. You want it, we'll get it some
other way. We are like a small military elitie, You
do what is told, and you dont ask questions.

There will be gain for your pain.

The Sikth is run by the 3 members of the council.
Meetings will be held regularly, in remote parts of the
province. all descions must be unanamous, or if
a majority is taken. (eg, 2/3 leaders agree, The
Sikth will be asked for a vote.) No leader is
worth more than the man. But the man must respect
his desicions. each leader will have his personal
These being his 'men' to do with what he wishes, he
will collect the goods/gold and distribute it evenly,
or as he see's fit.

The sikth does not war.
the sikth does not befriend. (unless is rare
Each sekt will have its own name.
There will be six to each sekt. (not including the sekt leader). These are your brothers.

It is the sikth, because each one of you is part of
your sekt, and sixth infact. this is to symbolise
the importance, of everyone, to
symbolise there should be no special treatment to
protect leaders in fights. If there is, it will be
the natural choice of the sekts men, and their
respect for the Sekt leader.

If one person has 2 chars in clan, they must belong to
the same sekt. members of sekts will be roughly on
the same time frame. So as the sekt may function
as a whole. (preferably to leaders time

More to be informed, when you enter, the sikth.