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Life101: Short Stories Introduction

Every girl grows up wanting to be just like Cinderella; maybe not the part where she cleans for most of her adolescent life, but the part where she finally meets her perfect match who saves her from a life of misery. Okay, the older we get we start to realize that might not be the case, but we still know that we need to find our other half. I am still young, but I am getting tired of looking. I mean for awhile I kept telling myself that God knows who I am going to find, he has that missing piece. Why doesnít he just give it to me then? Here I am sitting in the corner of this reception room away from the crowd. I drink my fifth glass of water, because it would not be smart of me if I had the Champaign. I am way to depressed and to embarrassed to swallow my guilt in a bottle. I watch them as they glide across the dance floor. My best friend and her boyfriend all smiles because they are with each other. Now, I know you must be thinking they are married. Well they arenít, because honestly they donít want tooÖthey feel they will divorce the next day. I donít blame them, they always seem to fight everyday about the littlest things, but they make it seem that itís the end of the world. Why do people insist on messing up something perfect? I would give my right arm to have that relationship. Someone to have and to hold whenever I need them, even when I think I donít need them. You canít go wrong with a good boyfriend, and know one wants to admit it (especially girls), but you feel better about yourself when you have one. You feel wanted and knowing that your wanted makes you feel good. Personally, I feel like a big loser because I am not that special enough to ever, ever have a boyfriend. I am one of those girls who waits by her locker and high school and gets really excited when the football star approaches her. Then you realize that he is talking to the girl behind you and you feel like an invisible idiot, while he walks of with his future girlfriend. Part of me gets evil for a moment, and feel like running around and destroying everything around me. However, I donít have to worry or even think about that. My high-school career is over and I am completely thankful for what I went through, but I never want to do it again. I hated everything that pertained to guys, love, friends and happiness at my school and I do not want to be reminded of it. Maybe, Itís bad to think about wanting something so bad, but I am sure it will all be different when I go to East Cassidy College in the fall. If there is one thing that I can take on with a clear head is going there. I mean I am honestly not going to sit here and lie and say I understand life, I am more afraid of it then anything else, but I need to grow for myself. I need the distance from my parents and my siblings ( even though the location is less then three hours away). My goalÖ.no, my destiny is to find my true love. This my friends is the beginningÖ.my journey to love.