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Comments From Readers

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that you've MADE MY DAY! I'm a teacher at a Catholic school in Louisiana. I teach environmental science, and I try to open each class with a prayer, but as someone who was raised agnostic and has little knowledge of the Bible, I'm forced to ask my students to recite a prayer. Inevitably, I hear 'Our Father' over & over again, all day long. I wanted so much to find a compilation of Catholic thoughts on nature, and our part as stewards of the earth. I was so pleased to find your book online. The thoughts expressed brought tears to my eyes. I forwarded the site to all of my colleagues who teach science, religion, and English, and I will purchase your book as soon as I can get my hands on it. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful work!! SS

I can't put your book down, I keep on picking it up to read and re-read, it just flows along. CB

Helen called to say she just started reading your book and it brought tears to her eyes. I can't wait to read it. AH

I just started to read your book this morning and it's wonderful. I love it. AH

I love the book, and read at least one or two chapters every night before I go to sleep. Your book makes you feel good all over, and lets me go to sleep without a care in the world, trusting that my life is in God's hands, "like the birds in the air, and the fish in the sea." Wonderful book! CB

We will enjoy very much reading the passages and reflections and meditating about them. OR

Beautiful work! I wouldn't expect anything less from a fellow ESF graduate. I'm recommending the book and have already purchased my own copy. BJ

Thank you for sharing your website - your book looks very interesting and one to consider purchasing. I live in Canada in I love the picture of the Rockies you have placed in Chapter seven. RS

Thank you for sharing a little about yourself. How we need families such as yours! LO

Thank you for the information on the book, I would think I would enjoy this one very much, especially since I love nature, and feel God's presence so much closer in the beauty of all that he created. PG

Awesome!!! I am going to order a copy for myself and my mother (she and dad live in the mountains in a cabin they built). KT

Many thanks. Looks good. I am eager to look for reviews. Grateful for your concern and God's nature. I really can be with a lot of serenity when I am walking the woods or along the sea. Fr. L

... a powerful source of meditation. Congratulations on this beautiful book ... most inspiring, to say the least. May it touch many, many readers. Br. W

Congratulations on the publication of your book "Leaves of Prayer". I shall pray for its success, which should be measured not only by the number of copies sold but especially by the positive influence it has on individual lives. Fr. WM

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