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  • Last updated: 28 December 2005
  • 28 December 2005: Comment on The Explosion added
  • December 2005: Comment on Talking in Bed added
  • November 2005: New Poll Added
  • November 2005: Audio recording of Aubade added.
  • November 2005: Six new pictures added to the Images page

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Philip Larkin (1922-1985)
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This website is dedicated to the life and works of Philip Larkin, the English writer of poems, novels and articles. He was immensely popular in his lifetime, and his ongoing popularity is testament to the timelessness of his poetry.

I hope you find these pages interesting and entertaining.

The Explosion

28 December 2005 I have added comments on The Explosion

Talking in Bed

December 2005 I have added some comments on Talking in Bed


November 2005 I am now actively updating these pages having been kept thrall to the office computer for the last 3 years! Please return occasionally to keep up.

New Poll!

November 2005 Please register your vote on the new poll. If your favourite poem is not listed, then click "other" and send an email explaining which is your favourite and why.

Larkin and the Lawnmower Part II

2004 As a coda to the 2002 story, it transpires that the British Museum displayed a mower which belonged to Larkin during November 2004. It was not thought to be the device responsible for the undoing of that spiny interloper, but doubtless one very like it. For more on this bizarre tale, click here

Television Show

2003 In September 2003, BBC2 screened a drama entitled Love Again about the life and times of Larkin. To read the BBC's own promotional pages, click here. This Larkin fan enjoyed the show and it largely received positive notices.

Larkin and the Lawnmower

Summer 2002 It has recently emerged that the Brynmor Jones Library at Hull has purchased a remarkable piece of literary memorabilia: namely a 1970's lawnmower which once belonged to Philip Larkin.

The machine was immortalised in the 1979 poem 'The Mower', where it was responsible for the demise of a hedgehog.

Trouble at Willow Gables

May 2002 Faber and Faber are publishing two novellas and various related pieces Larkin wrote under the pseudonym Brunette Coleman. The novellas are boarding-school tales. As such, they reflect most pertinently upon the story-within-a-story of Jill, Larkin's first serious prose work.

It will be interesting to see the reaction in "critical" circles, and what effect the publication will have upon Larkin's sometimes beleaugered reputation.

You can read an extract from a "Brunette Coleman" essay by clicking here. Read one critic's damning appraisal of the book here.

For an alternative view of 'Trouble at Willow Gables' click here.

Grip of Light

The title of this website refers to a collection of poems, In the Grip of Light which Larkin assembled in 1947, but which was never published. It contained some material which found its way into later works.

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