Tirueengoimalai, Tamil Nadu, India  
 Sri Lalithambikayai Namaha

Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam is situated in the banks of the river Kaveri, "the Ganga of South India". It is located in Tirueengoimalai village at the foot of Sri Marakatachaleswara Hill Temple in Thottiam Taluk, Tiruchirapalli District, Tamilnadu. It is 40 kilometers west of Trichy on the Trichy-Salem highways Road, 35 kilometers east of Namakkal. The total area of the Samajam is about 14 acres. This place is also a Shakti peedom of the 51st letter 'lam'. It is surrounded by other holy shrines like Sri Marakatachaleswara hill temple, Sri Ranganathar temple, Ucchi Pilayar temple, Samayapuram Mariamman temple and Vayalur Subrahmanya temple.

Sthala PuranamThe place Thirueengoimalai is a holy place as Emerald lingam used to be situated at the hills and river Kaveri is widest in its flow at this particular site. Sage Agasthya had performed penance here and assumed the form of a bee. He continues to grace this place in his astral form.

Once when the body of Devi Dakshayani was cut to pieces by Lord Vishnu, the splendor of her face fell on this emerald hill and therefore it is called Chaya Peetam. Chaya means the shadow of splendor.

Sri Lalitha Mahila Samajam houses the shrine of Universal Mother, Goddess Lalithambika and is the center of a powerful Sri Vidya tradition.  It provides a unique opportunity for a spiritual seeker to practice their devotion in the inspiring presence of Sad Guru Sri Vidyamba Saraswati and her disciple Yoginis (Ambajis).


All the temple and ashram activities including poojas, yagnas and other social activities are performed and managed by Guru Mata and her female disciples.


Guru Mata and the Yoginis (Ambajis) with their powerful spiritual practice, spiritual ceremonies like Pooja and Yagna and their social service has transformed that place into a powerful spiritual center.  Any true spiritual seeker with their blessings will experience profound progress in their spiritual path and attain the lotus feet of Goddess Lalithambika.  This is in essence the real mission of the Samajam.

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H H Vidyamba Saraswati and Her disciples Yogini preparing for the Havan