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Weird City Names:

Boring, Oregon
Black Lick, Pennsylvania
Blue Balls, Pennsylvania
Challenge, California
Cool, California
Climax, Pennsylvania
Desire, Pennsylvania
Eek, Alaska
Experiment, Pennsylvania
Fear Not, Pennsylvania
Happy Camp, California
Hell, Michigan
Hot Coffee, Mississippi
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
It, Mississippi
Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Los Banos, California
Loyalsockville, Pennsylvania
Nice, California
No Name, Colorado
Normal, Kentucky
Okay, Oklahoma
Quiggleville, Pennsylvania
Roachtown, Illinois
Rough and Ready, California
Sherwood Forest, California
Sleepy Hollow, California
Smackover, Arkansas
Toad Suck, Arkansas
Yeehaw Junction, Florida
ZZYZX, California


Weird City/Town Names, Directory of Facts: Strange City Names,
Lucas Pereira's Weird City Names Page.

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