Ellie's Journal


Ellie's Journal is a place to find comfort in those moments when the wind is howling too fiercely or the night is dark and you feel lost.

A veteran poster, Ellie's words have lifted flagging spirits and soothed troubled minds since she first gained her freedom from her abuser in May 2003 and found her way into our forums a few weeks later. Within these pages you will find a comfortable place to rest, a peaceful oasis on your journey and inspiring thoughts to ease your footsteps out of the past into the future of your choosing.

Ellie's stories reflect her gentle spirit and her heartfelt belief that our healing begins with the acceptance of the truth of who an abuser truly is. When we can say without doubt, "He is the lie." or "She is the lie." healing begins. In our acceptance of the truth of who they are and what they did, we turn our backs on their lies and deceit as we turn into ourselves to find where we lost our truth while falling into their abuse. 

In these pages, Ellie invites you to walk away from abuse and claim all that you are meant to be so that you can learn to live in freedom from the past. You will be encouraged to tackle life's challenges as you face your feelings about yourself, your relationship with others and the hurdles life throws your way. Each weekly article will be filled with insight to inspire you to take another step, ideas on how to reclaim yourself and your life, and comforting thoughts to carry you through your day.

Sit back, sip your coffee and enjoy. Ellie's words are perfect for dipping into, for savouring syllable by syllable, wordy by word, or for simply soaking up as you breathe a sigh of relief that you have come home to find yourself surrounded by friends.


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