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Mrs. PorterŐs Reading Class Site


Class Philosophy: To develop a love of reading and to strive to become better readers, thereby enriching our experience and broadening our horizons.


á    Daily Blog--What did we do in class today? What is your homework? 

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á    Major Projects-What are they? When are they due?


á    Grade 6 Reading


á    Grade 7 Reading


á    Grade 8 Reading


á    Sapphire and Pearl WriterŐs Club—The Sapphire and Pearl WriterŐs Club is open to creative writers in grades 6, 7 and 8. We have a weekly writersŐ critique luncheon, during which we meet to support each other and improve our writing craft. We publish the Sapphire and Pearl Compendium, a magazine of student poetry, enter contests and submit poetry for publication in magazines and anthologies.


á    ICS Book Club—The ICS Book Club is open to readers in grades 6, 7 and 8. Every month, we choose a work of popular young adult fiction, read it, and have a luncheon where we discuss the book. We choose stories from a number of genres and styles, and learn about ourselves and others through our reading and discussions.




Our Class Mascot: Chance


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