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This Website is devoted to Above-The-Jenre Duo KIN ZA ZA and an esoteric journey into their songs.

George Levi
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Pop, anti-pop, trip-hop, ambient,, music of the avant-garde, contemporary music, Western music, Eastern music post-modern music, whatever music.

Electric charge upon my sleeping self
Internal voice to my willing soul
One movement of the blinding energy
And the heedless bore is forever gone...
Kin Za Za paraphrased

Introduction: X-Jenre adventure with Kin Za Za

The breakdown of artistic, cultural, religious and stylistic barriers in recent time has brought an inevitable crisis of identity in pop music. The desire to go beyond borders of genre in order to achieve new dimensions of styles has resulted in multidimensional faceless and often tasteless salad of everything and nothing in particular. This movement has given us a jelly like landscape without anything to hold on to. It created a dark, murky confusion among musicians, critics, and even ordinary listeners. Many tried to break this confusion and only very few had succeeded in this endeavor. One of them is a pre-genre or post-genre duo from Montreal - Kin Za Za.

KIN ZAZA's cd "Number One in Shambala" is just about the best CD I heard in the past decade. First I was quite skeptical about originality of this record . I was thinking about Tory Amos, Bjork, Tricky , Can, Loreena McKennitt ..then I was thinking about Russian composes such as Glinka maybe even Skryabin.but with time I understood an awesome, mantric and unique quality of music I couldn't find in the above mentioned records. And the feeling kept growing on me as I kept listening to this music . I started out listening to Kin Za Za for fun, then later realized I had an uncanny "knack" for this floating energy of x-jenre. Almost to the point of total obsession. I was digging into endless layers of fabulous harmonies and secret sonic dialogs. This album became my Guru and my sound key into mysterious world of creation.

An esoteric groove of Kin Za Za gave me a sense of quirky freedom I have never experienced. My friends and I listen to "Number One in Shambala" whenever we have a spare moment.

Kin Za Za keeps low profile. I don't know much about them. I was told they are very secretive and eccentric. I had a very interesting chat about them with my friends sufi- musicians from LA who had shared some unusual insight concerning Kin Za Za style and overall meaning of Kin Za Za. They had a full promo package of Kin Za Za packed in the shape of the fish with some Egyptian and Slavic/Celtic writings on top of it.

I'm very much into mysticism, philosophy and the works of esoteric artists and I was always craving for the kind of art, which would reflect the depth, and breadth of the true mystical knowledge of being. Aside from this duo, this market is flooded with self- indulgent, pretentious and fusion injected Post-New Age phonies.

Kin Za Za really is Number 1 in Shambala.

2001, George Levi
More to come...


Get some mp3 soundclips here:

Kin Za Za - Number 1 in Shambala - Endless Freedom
700Kb MP3
Kin Za Za - Number 1 in Shambala - Blackbird 900Kb MP3

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