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This is my poetry. Well, there will be more. Please be patient, as I'm still adding to this part of my site!

"Finding Hope"
Life never becomes what you dream It to be,
But when there is hope, there is a possibility,
To find the one who can make your dreams come true,
My only hope is that I will finally find you.


No one is ever what they seem,
The truth eludes the air,
When everything is perfect,
The truth is never there.

Perfection was a lie never spoken,
A dream was never found,
All because a lie was worth more,
Than having me around.


"You chose"
You said your vows,
I said mine too,
Our life had started,
Our love was true,
You swore your love,
You promised your truth,
How was I to know,
That I couldn’t trust you?
You chose your path,
One I wouldn’t take,
You swore to change,
But it was too late.
The damage was done,
My heart was sore,
You hurt me in a way,
I had never been hurt before.
The trust is gone,
The hope is too,
I know you deserve,
Where your lies put you.


If I ever die,
don't cry for me,
instead be joyous,
for my savior I can see.

Don't mourn for me,
Instead sing of love,
for I will even hear it,
even up above.

If I die don't worry,
there is no more pain,
for when I was going to heaven,
God waited until I came.

Please do not cry over me,
for what you cry over is a shell,
the soul of me is in heaven,
where all things are made well.