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About Kristen

Kristen aka Kilikina

My name is Kristen, and this is about me.
I'm a senior in college attaining my bachelor of science of occupational education in Human Services degree with a specialization in Psychology.

On July 9th, 2005 I was married in a little white chapel at 4pm, in Mobile, Alabama before the onset of Hurricane Dennis. I was then seperated from my husband on July 14th, 2005. This was even before we got home from our honeymoon. Bryan was arrested off the cruise we were on when we docked back in port after our honeymoon. He is currently in Youth Challenege in Pensacola Florida for a year in the place of jail time. I am constantly praying that God will show me what path I am to take at this HUGE fork in the road. In short, my world has come crumbling to the ground. Please pray for me.

ANYWAY! About me:
My favorite color is of course Pink. Any shade will do!
I have 3 kitty cats. 2 are really my parents, and one, Blackjack, is with my best friend and is coming here to Hawaii for Christmas!! Yay!
I love antique jewelry!
My Favorite dogs are American Bulldogs, and I want one terribly!
My passion in life is for children, and I want to be a mentor/counselor for them.
I have lived in 9 places since I am a military brat.
I collect Fairies, and I love whimsical and fantasy settings.
I am 22, 23 in January!!
I have a list of goals for my life and have completed a few, and some have been diminished as of late, But here they are!:
1. Go to New York.
2. Lay in a field of grass and watch the northern lights.
3. Visit and stay in an authentic castle.
4. Mentor a child for a year.
5. Buy my own house.
6. Buy an American Bulldog.
7. Visit Africa.
8. Go deep sea fishing.
9. Finish my masters in Psychology before I turn 26.
10. Consider opening my own pet service/adoption business.
11. Visit and assist an orphanage.
12. Learn another language.
13. Publish my own book.
14. Name a star.
15. Consider getting my fairy tattoo.
16. Visit Scotland and Ireland.
17. Dance with someone in the rain that I love.
18. Take a road trip from coast to coast.
19. Buy an old mustang convertible.
20. Volunteer at a children’s home.
21. Tutor a teen.
22. Ride on a gondola.
23. Ride on a Mississippi steam boat.
24. Go on a safari.
25. Go on an overnight hike. (DONE! 14 mile hike completed in Hawaii with my dad!)

I'll add more later, but right now I can't think! (No, its not because I'm blonde!)