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I won't be sending this verse
Within a thousand miles of you
So here I will express
My sentiments true

I think you are a gifted poet
Albeit a lonely man
A strong and self-effacing manner
Shy admirers feel banned

Your skilled self-expression
Drips of emotion and hurt
I wish the world hadn't caused all that
And been so cold and curt

From what I know of you
Which was perceived through intuition
You deserve much more
A life of love and exultation

You'd be surprised to find
I wrote a similar poem
A mere four months ago
When my heart felt like foam

A day that the world out there
Had scattered my illusions
But suddenly it hurt much worse
A sense and anguish fusion

So I just wanted you to know
I empathize with how you feel
Keep in mind the hopes you imagine
They will one day all turn real