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I feel as though
We’re destined apart
I can’t open up to you
Or move very far

I lose hours and hours
Of sleep with this thought
I can’t be content
As with a “casual” talk

We speak only briefly
But I feel a connection
You’re so indecisive
But ‘tis a mask of reflection

To keep prying eyes
And nosy outsiders
From your personal soul
Without much revealing

I could penetrate this
With just your permission
But maybe you can’t
Trust me with omission

I won’t ever be able
To know why you can’t tell
I’m a total loyal person
I hide confidences lent

As a person I’m deeper
Than what meets your view
From far ‘cross the hallway
Shatt’ring what you thought you knew

Please come in closer
I have no fear of you
I beckon your gaze
Your interest anew

That furtive glance
That passes from my eyes
Don’t think I don’t know
What I’m asking, so wise