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All poetry below is original work

copyright 2001 Kathleen L.



He's now 17

a marvelous age

no hint does remain

of the anguishing cage

A year of much worry

from one who knew not

the cause or condition of

his depressive onslaught

Mayhap some would claim

my third person view

could never quite capture

the fleeting emotions that flew

So oft' cross his face

in the realm of a hall

Not meant too be noticed

blending into the wall

By now that has passed

he walks with an air

that fairly screams pride

in and out of his care



Intriging eyes

perplexing gaze

Penetrates human walls

much like the sun's rays

Resistant to those

who try to break free

Retaining a hold

on people with glee



Surrounded by substance

connections abound

Tacit aquaintance

cues to closer reflect

Overlooked fortunes

that are rare and quite few

Potential new friendship

and confidantes real

A lone sole spirit

sees through the masks

appreciating each

for what they bring

Enjoying the varied

facets and speech

He rarely lets others

close as she getss



Gemini, Gemini

so much can be said

excessive bright thoughts

whizzing through your head

Airy presence

an entity of speech

Pretending as kids do

your heart's out of reach



Ceasing attentions

Enveloping sadness

A love unintended

drives minds to sheer madness

Striving to realize

their eventual path

and deal with the outcomes

of self pity's wrath

Relapse- late 2000

Descension to familiar ground

Impossibly clinging to the sound

Closing walls provide an end

The saga well supposed to mend

Former ascension was far too real

Triumphed pain to fully heal

Never thought or did desire

A replay of engulfing fire


I lean toward convention

a traditonal manner

a waiting defined by

distinct roles of old

It it an impediment

to lack modern advance

with beliefs that I should

conform to be feminine

These sets of old rules

dictate I should be asked

by a man for a dance

or go out on a date

Girls, as my peers

would have me just think

that boldness and nerve

are what all guys want

I have strength and courage

to live my whole life

without any man

to stand by my side

Varichange- 10/04/01

People I've trusted

to be implicitly nice

Continue to hurt me

without thinking twice

The speed rollercoaster

of human reaction

Each day sends new signals

of varying traction

One day they'll act

as sweet as can be

the next they'll just flip

to a new change of key

My coping ability

would vastly improve

If there was only a rhythm

and pattern of moves

"T" - 9/20/01

What tactics have I
yet to employ
in the battle and combat
concerning a guy known as "T"
My friends would inform me
in varying ways
I have not made known
my inner intent

What more should I do
to attract some attention?
Should I bat my eyelashes
when he enters the room
these tactics of old
fashioned ideas
Nowadays seem
so blatantly "ditz"



Commencing activity
Unpromised glances
Beholden to no one
Free to cause trances
He holds no qualms
Scared to hold tightly
Monogamous relationships
Flitting so lightly
A sad paranoia
Committing to none
I believe I could break
All his patterns undone



Crushed and discarded
Too much power lost
Free spoken spirit
Mistaken as wrong
Guideless confusion
Affections change path
The illusion he seeks
Will not come to pass


A subdued and free spirit
Lurks in the depth
Crying out meekly
The unfairness she dreamt
Would soon so befall
The very wrong person
Whose life had been riddled
And needs not to worsen

The choices she’d made
In regard to obsession
The guys of her past
Taught her many a lesson
Crushes had crushed
Her vulnerable heart
Made her wary of motives
Each relationship’s start

These events forced her thoughts
And beliefs that the world
Would eventually praise
Her resilience unfurled
The concept never passed
Her too trusting mind
That perhaps she’d be cursed
With dreams so unkind


I’ve lost the fight
Before school began
Cruel life lessons
Must come to some
Tortured by
a single man
Possessing a power
Surpassed by none
A force that breaks
And jealousy does cause
Twisting my heart
Flirting others without pause


Somehow he does manage
to dress with such flair
The day does not matter
nor the care of the wear

Capable of causing
jeans and a tee
shirt to look tailored
to show a spirit that's free

And loves making trouble
sliding cross the slick floor
tricking people in rooms
playfully "locking" the door


What shall I write
As a living tribute
A thank you to
The influencing forces

We have not appreciated
The complexities of experience
Knowledge well worth
The tortuous climb

In our utter haste
To rush on through life
There lacks a reflection
On the beings of great impact

Reality serves us
Reminding the mortal
Pain becomes courage
To cope and inspire

Grateful expressions
Can never convey
For we would not vary
Our own present selves.