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The Mutable Lavender Retreat

A New Purple Light of Love and Spirit

Hey and welcome to my new homepage, The Mutable Lavender Retreat.  I decided my old page needed a renovation since I’m now a sophomore in college, and my true temperament has truly revealed itself.  I no longer keep my emotions under control as a protective measure” all the time…I’m past that childish repression!  I am not ashamed to be a changeable person, intense and compassionate.  I live in a lavender mindset, a nice mix of blue serenity and red passion for life, along with a little white spiritualityI am finally free.

So look forward to the new construction I am undertaking in this site, it will all bring new light.

In the meantime, if you want to keep up to date on my life, my DeadJournal is an excellent source of info:

Ms. Artist's Realms of Soul