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Important Info About Me: (scroll down for link to main page)


Nickname(s): Ms. Artist, Kitty Kat, Lady Beth, Kate, Katy Beth, Kat, Mouse, and Kit Kat Katy


Astro Stats:

Sun Sign: Virgo

Moon Sign: Leo

Rising (Ascendant) Sign: Aries


Current Hobbies (or a.k.a Obsessions):  Astrology (of course), reading, writing emotional poetry, drawing portraits, dancing, cross country, clothing design, photography, soccer, genealogy (my family tree), drum set, song writing, biking, roller blading



Color- purple                                  Cartoon show- Scooby Doo

Food- German pancakes              Band: Matchbox 20

Singer- Celine Dion                        Song- “Hero” by Mariah Carey   


Inside Jokes:

“I really should stop drinking tea…”

“The stalker” and “the crazy girl”

“Assistant Ministers of State in Sandia”

“R” and all that suppressed drool

Those “strawberry daiquiris” on the half day

“The ‘interesting’ table in art class”

“Janet's Angels... ;-)”

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