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Some memorable quotes: "I just feel lucky…I get to kiss America’s biggest heartthrob every week.”

“I’m very sheltered."

“I just feel lucky…I get to kiss America’s biggest heartthrob every week.”

"I'm a very passive-aggressive person! When I was little I threw a lot of tantrums. Today, sometimes I really want too."

Katie Holmes was Born in Toledo, Ohio on the 18th of December, 1978. Katie Holmes first began acting in high school. She is the youngest of five children and her father is a lawyer. A manager encouraged her to visit LA for an audition and she won a role in the film Ice Storm. A tape was sent to Dawson's Creek and she was cast as Joey Potter. However when she was asked to audition, she had to turn ti down because she was in a school music—‘Damn Yankees” the producers of DC rescheduled and she won the part. (Interesting fact: The producers of DC were very close to giving the part of Joey to Selma Blair, Cecile from Cruel Intentions)

And did you also know: She was offered the lead in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but turned it down!


Actor: Tom Hanks

Actresses: Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Molly Ringwald, Julia Roberts

Movies: My Best Friend's Wedding, Pretty In Pink, Sixteen Candles

Directors: Oliver Stone, Ron Howard and Woody Allen

Musicians: Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, Frank Sinatra, Jewel, The Dave Matthews Band, Natalie Merchant

Books: "Snow Falling on Cedars" by David Guterson and "The Awakening" by Kate Chopin

Toy: Barbie

Activities: Shopping, Dancing, Running, Watching movies, Reading, Listening to music

Food: Jelly Bellies, Cookie dough, Buttered popcorn, Veggie burgers, Onion rings, Pretzels dipped in salsa

Drinks: Vanilla latte, Diet Coke

TV Shows: Party of Five, ER

Worst Habit: Drinking too much coffee

Dating stats: She’s dated Josh Jackson (reportedly during first season) and is now with Chris Klein. There was also rumours she hooked up with James in the break after first season.

Her Film career: 1997, In 'The Ice Storm' with Tobey Maquire, she played Libbetts Casey (What kind of name is 'Libbetts')the poor little rich girl who ends up being drugged to sleep. This was our first look at the sweet, very pretty and clear-voiced girl from Toledo Ohio.

1998, In 'Disturbing Behavior' she got to kiss (and do a lot more with on the DVD) James Marsden, swear, smoke, wear a belly ring and tight jeans. Not the best movie, though...

1999, 'Go', the 'teenage' Pulp Fiction, was a critical success and Katie got to make out with Tom Olyphant!

2000, In The Wonder Boys, Katie was up with the best of them, co-starring with Michael Douglas, Frances McDormand, Robert Downy Jnr and Tobey Maquire again :) She played the sweet, flirtatious Hannah, infatuated with the old and grumpy Michael Douglas character. (Ew)

2001, 'The Gift' was a shocking, thrilling movie which had Katie playing a promiscuous bitch Jessica, who sleeps with the three lead men of the movie before disappearing.(And coming up later looking like something out of the Exorcist)She again had phenomenal co-stars--Cate Blanchett, Hillary Swank, Greg Kinnear, and Keannu Reeves. Lucky Girl.

2001, 'Abandon', which will be out next year. Her co-stars are: Benjamin Bratt, Zooey Deschanel, Melanie Lynskey, Gabriel Mann, Gabrielle Union, Fred Ward, Charlie Hunnam, Will McCormack.In this thriller set in Montreal, Katie plays a university student has strange visions of her ex-boyfriend who vanished mysteriously during her freshman year, as well as things that imply that she was also involved in the disappearance of someone else... (Bratt plays a recovering alcoholic detective)

2001, “Phone Booth” a thriller which may be starring Jim Carrey.