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Jozie Elizabeth Bonner (5/10/2004 - 8/21/2004)

This site is dedicated to the memory of our Little Angel Jozie Elizabeth Bonner; daughter of Wendy Romero Parria and Mark Bonner; sister of Ashley and Mark Parria, Jr.

The Story of God's Smallest & Sweetest Angel
Jozie Elizabeth Bonner

Born on May 10, 2004 just a little early, we knew before that day that she was going to have some problems.
We were prepared for this mentally; I'm not so sure emotionally.

This sweet, precious child brought a ray of sunshine to our home in Marrero, LA for the 3 months she was with us. She was born with a herniated diaphragm. This required her to undergo 2 surgeries and live her short precious life on machines to assist her breathing and moniter her heart-rate. Most of the time, she had to be fed by a tube connected to her stomache. Some days she had were pretty good, she would eat well, and the alarms on the machines wouldn't go off too much. Some days though, were very rough for her. She had stayed in the hospital for quite a while before we were able to take her home. After that, she had many return visits to the Doctor's office. The news we last heard from the Doctors taking care of her, she was improving and doing better. The Doctor seems impressed with her progress and had high hopes for her. We did too.

She was a beautiful child. What a beautiful face. Her looks were angelic-like, she was georgeous.
I find she looked alot like her older sister, Ashley.
She won everyone's heart with just one look.
One smile. One coo.
Sweet is definitely what this child was.

Daddy was wrapped around her littlest finger, very, very tightly.
Her Grandparents had fallen for her, it was instant love at first sight (that actually happened even before she was born).
Ashley, (who is going to school to become a nurse) helped out so much with the care of Jozie, and cherished every moment of it.
Mark, Jr. was always calling or coming to the house just to check on her to make sure she was doing okay.
Courtney, her neice, was always by her side when she came to visit. She was like the "little" mother hen.
Hunter & Grant, her nephews, enjoyed visiting her and helping out with taking care of her.
Her Aunts and Uncles just adored this precious addition to our little family.

One day, she seemed more tired than usual.
The doctor's office was called and they gave us the impression that everything was okay,
there was nothing to worry about; just Mom being overly concerned little problems.
Then, the next day, (on August 21, 2004) she seemed better, we thought everything was okay. None of the alarms on her machines were going off that day. Her breathing was okay and her heart rate was okay.
What happened next was totally unexpected.
It appears she was called to Heaven and accepted God's invitation gracefully, and without any fight.
She was home once again.

That day, I noticed, there was the most bright, the most beautiful rainbow in the sky that I have ever seen. It was unbelievably georgeous, I have never seen any rainbow as beautiful as this one. The odd thing is, I don't believe it rained that day. A rainbow just appeared from nowhere. It gave me a serene calmness on an otherwise horrible day. It made me smile to think that it was a rainbow for her, from her to us. Her way of saying "It's beautiful here, I'm okay."

She had a rough 3 months, but we thank God for each and every second he blessed us with her presence.
Now she has an eternity of beautiful days and peace; one without struggles, only triumphs.

Her funeral service was a beautiful one. It was the hardest day of my life. I understand God needed her, but we weren't ready to let go of our Little Angel Jozie. So many people showed up to pay thier respects to God's littlest Angel. We thank every one of them. The flowers sent to her on that day were beautiful arrangements. I am sure she loved them too!

She was with us for only a few moments in time,
but she will be in our hearts and souls for all eternity.

There was once a procession of children marching in Heaven.
Each held a lighted candle, and as they marched, they sang.
Their faces shone with happiness.
But little Angel Jozie stood alone.
"Why don't you join us, Jozie?" one happy angel asked.
"I can't," Jozie replied, "Every time I light my candle,
Mommy puts it out with her tears."

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those that miss her so much.

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