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James Leslie Craig Poems and Thoughts

My favourite Poets and people who have influenced my work are as follows

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Please continue and persevere what follows are a selection of my poems and thoughts which offer insight into my mind.

jay's collated poems

;) James Craig poetry for the open minded
A collection of poems based on life experience


Realisation is the key to the door The key that you found upon the floor Truth is the lasting device Just honesty will suffice Take away this crazy fool What is the cardinal rule? Is there a place to hide? Can I lay by your side? Can you empty out my head? You do not understand what I said Express yourself is what weíre taught Even justice can be bought.


Bleed me till there is nothingness Kiss me and weíll just let this pass Take a minute and you will see All the things I want to be No one is perfect that I know Tell me darling do you follow Love can burn you like the sun But to me you are the one


Poisoned flowers raked around Leaves are falling from the trees Derision is but a sound No one knows what the blind man sees Time is but a menopause What was the fucking cause Realism is but a door Open up these wounds theyíre sore Creativity is in the mind Disillusionment is unkind

;) ;)Propaganda just persuades Into the shadows I will fade Justify why you lost your soul The eyes lignite like burning coal Fortune is but luck untold Consequence is just a mould Perseverance opens doors Bleed the greedy to feed the poor

;) Emancipate your guilt upon to me Inhale exhale your scenery Focus on becoming a visionary The thought of revolution is scary Bleed the blue diamond too agony The scars will fade into fantasy Dreams of pleasure in creativity

;) Memory Lane Refresh my memory before she fades Refrain from ecstasy because itís too late Reminisce on thee terror faced Exploit the poison because itís laced Devine pleasure in the twilight above You bruised my soul but it was love Strength and guilt are one in the same Take a trip down memory lane


;) I am an entity an entity dissolved I am a puzzle a puzzle resolved I am a clue as the test unfolds I am an ultraviolet broken soul I am a story a story retold

;) Exorcise these demons that are inside of me Play the artistic realist of creativity Drench the soured apples in Hennessey The sombre system of subjectivity Explore the intrigue of inevitability Begin a revolution based on immortality Purify realisation through sincerity

;) I met this girl in a dark forbidden place My eyes blurred as my pulse began to race She opened my mind and made me see whole And in all honesty literally saved my soul She gifted me with a second chance Perceiving things from a different stance Much more than a lover she was my missing piece Of my puzzle thatís finally complete

;) For my beautifull little boy You entered my life as if in a dream You cleansed my soul which was once unclean You changed my perspective on life in a beat You made me forget my days on the street You opened up so many doors You define perfection without any flaws You make me laugh you make me cry You are the sunshine in the sky You fill my heart with so much joy Thank you lord for my precious boy To Ethan all my love daddy

;) A ghost whispered quietly into my ear It said sharpen your memory in the darkness have no fear Sacrifice your soul and open up your doorway Close your eyes lift your hands and pray Profess your sins and all will be undone Reach into space and take hold of the sun Stand beside the glowing light The battle ends no need to fight The angelís reach down and paint your sky red We sacrificed the lambs so as the lion was fed The blue rain battered the window pane The knifes blade awoke me but I felt no pain

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