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Me and My Face

Me and my face
we're quite a pair;
wherever I go, she goes.

Be it a race
or up the stairs,
she beats me by a nose


I went to work and called in sick,
I had no food but ate all week;
I got bad news and started to laugh...
please call the doc on my behalf.

Got paid

I said I'd get paid doing this.

I bragged,
I nagged,
I wouldn't stop;
I was a HUGE pain in the neck.
And tho' you tired of my chatter,
just today, on a platter,
I was handed a reality check.


Poor, poor Cinderella
Wonder when she'll meet her fella!
Prince Charming... is it not?
Oh, Dear! Think he forgot?
Guess SOMEBODY oughta tell 'er.


I lost a friend today.
How clumsy of me!
Cannot replace the loss,
no warranty.

I'll be careful next time,
get more insurance;
obtain a better Make and Model
with more endurance.

Today's Special is...

There's a hare in my soup,
and though I don't make it a habit,
much easier to digest
is a fly and his guest
than a timid long-eared bunny rabbit.