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Information Technology Services (ITS) is proud to announce the Student Scholar’s Training Program (SSTP), a service to provide the training pieces that are part of the Integrated Technology Strategy and the CSULA campus Baseline Access, Training and Support plan. Each quarter the SSTP presents a series of free hands-on computer workshops ranging from beginner to advanced-level. There are over a dozen titles to choose from including a six-part series for the entire MS Office 2003 suite.  Each of the hands-on workshops is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and sample data files. You can find the workbooks and data files online under the Training Resources menu.


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General Information


Learn how to design a Web Page using Microsoft Word 2003. This workshop will take you through the process of creating your own Web Page, formatting the page, and finally, uploading it to the World Wide Web. Prior knowledge of programming is NOT required. This workshop is divided into several parts.







10:00 AM


King Hall


10:00 AM


King Hall



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Student Scholar’s Training Program

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