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12/28/00 to 12/28/01
a new found love
a bond that noone could ever break
a small stepping
stone in our walk
threw time

What more can be said?
Suzy We have done it all.
In a Year that seemed to be the end
in many ways for the both of Us.
Yet with each others help
Holding on to One Anothers Love and Friendship
We are still here and continue to strive.
You have been my foundation ,
My inspiration to not give up
And to do My very best in everything.
We have held Each Other up as
We Cried together, Laughed together, and Loved together.
You have always been there when I needed You.
I can tell you Anything and I know
That You will never judge Me to be any
More than only Myself and also
I know that You would never repeat anything said.
Suzy before meeting You, I was near giving up
On Myself , On life , On Everything,
But meeting You has changed My Life
Giving me Meaning to wake up and try.
There is only one last thing to say
Thank You Suzy, for Your Loyality, Your Compassion
Your Trust , And most important
Thank You for Your Unconditional Love
and for Your Everlasting Friendship.
That means the World to Me
because deep down inside I need You.
I am not strong enuff alone, yet with Your Love
I can hold My head high and take anything thrown at Me.
I Love You Suzy, Your my Foundation, My Inspiration
Your the Angel of My Life that watches carefully,
To ensure my Safety and Happyness.
For this I am Your Life's Greatest Fan.

I Wish I could explain
what You truely mean to Me
but I cant, I can only wish You
get a slight glimpse of the impact
You have on my Life
I Love You Suzy