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I Shoot Poets

- An Unofficial Raving Poets Site

Portraits of Raving Poets

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Delvina Greig - Portrait.jpg (101054 bytes)

Gary Lee - Portrait.jpg (92814 bytes)
Delvina Greig

Gary Lee

John Chalmers - Portrait.jpg (56744 bytes)

Philip Jagger - Portrait.jpg (74369 bytes)

John Chalmers

Philip Jagger

Randy Smallman - Portrait.jpg (103960 bytes)

Margaret Haugen - Portrait.jpg (42037 bytes)

Randy Smallman  

 Margaret Haugen

Adrianna Davies.jpg (62118 bytes)

 Adriana Davies

Mark-Alberta Beatnik-Kozub.jpg (93914 bytes)

Michael Appleby.jpg (66897 bytes)

Mike Gravel.jpg (105160 bytes)

Mark Kozub

Michael Appleby

Mike Gravel

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