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First of all, I know that this site looks like crap, but that's because I'm new at this and I have absolutely no clue at all what I'm doing, so I'm just experimenting. I want to thank Shane for helping me get started with all of this, I'm learning fast!

Kris, I luv u and miss u girl, u are and always will be the best friend i have, thank you so much for being there for me through all my drama! Don't forget our meeting ten years from was it again? lol sorry i'm bad at remembering things. We've kind of lost touch here lately, but that doesn't matter, cuz i know and u know that if u ever need me, i'll be there in a heartbeat, and i'm sure you'll do the same for me. i luv ya girl

Eard, we had some good times, even tho we're not together anymore, u kno i will always luv u and i'm here for u. i'm sorry things didn't work out like they should have, but who knows, maybe someday they will. Come see me when u move to kentucky!

Keli, I've gotten real close to u this semester, thx for taking me in like u did. Had fun at our "get-togethers" hahahaha Don't u forget about me when u go off to Greensboro, cuz i will be up there next semester, at least for 2 yrs to do my undergrad work, and we are so gonna get an apartment together. Keep in touch babe!

Casey, i like the shit out of u man! haha I kno u got a lot of shit going on right now, and i understand that. We may be broke up right now, but i do care about u and i want u 2 know that i'm here if u wanna talk. i hope everything turns out for the good for both of us.

Daniel, Keep trying babe, you'll get her if you work hard enough lol. I think that i can say that you're the best friend that i have right now, other than kristie, cuz she's been my friend for years now. Thx for being there

David I luv u man, it sux that ur going off to school so soon, i feel like i just met u yesterday. We had some good times, and i'm sorry that i never got the chance to show u how to beat that video game! hahaha don't forget about me when u go to school, k?