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Dear Publisher or Agent,

I am the author of a new book of poetry called An Honest Breath of a Dreamer. I am a new writer to the world, but I consider this an advantage for me to stand out as a contemporary unique poet. I aim to unravel the beauty of poetry, as well as its meaningful cause. My words inspire and uplift the reader. They celebrate pain as a tool to learn and grow. As you start reading the first line of my book you would soon find yourself emotionally and spiritually driven to continue inhaling the luring virtues and endless swiveling flow of emotions.

The book contains three chapters. The first one entitled Oh, I Get So Inspired... unleashes my true essence, my emotional and spiritual experiences in this world, but mainly this part attaches itself into the readers heart, leaving him feel connected, relieved, and uplifted. He finds himself in my words. He reads about his own emotions, since all of us experience pain, loneliness, happiness, joy, and hopelessness.

The second Part called Your Eyes... glorifies love and releases the heartbreaks. Love poems of desperation, flirtation, and affection comfort and inspire the reader.

The third part entitled If I Could Say One Thing... speaks directly to the reader. In this part I discuss politics, environment, poverty, friendship, unity of the people. And at the end I leave the reader thinking about his inner world as a spiritual nest of emotions, his heart as ball of light urging to be released, and the world around him calling for attention, appreciation, and endless questioning.

The book is about 145 pages (8 x 11). A professional editor has edited it and the manuscript is ready to be released. I have a sample of about 20 pages with poems from each chapter. Please click back to the home page and read them. If you want the whole manuscript e-mail me and I will be glad to send it you.

Many people are anxiously awaiting my book to be published, so they can purchase it. My poetry reaches the heart of every person, even if they usually do not read poetry. Some of my poems can become lyrics to a song, because I have soaked them with rhythm and enslaving flow of words.

All poetry is copyrighted.

I am looking for an honest agent, who will represent me and will find the best publisher possible.

Thank you for your attention


Petia Mercado

to read my samples click here