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An Honest Breath of a Dreamer

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a collection of alluring poetry


Petia Mercado

my gift to you

Day and night my heart dwindles tense, swivels around, beats out loud, and causes me to feel uptight, restless, and overflowed with lust to share my inspiration. I have discovered only one remedy for my impatience, constant observations, persistent abundance of emotions, and endless questioning- poetry.

The first poem I wrote relieved my swollen mind to such extent, that I was actually able to hear distinctly and understand clearly every single thought swimming in my head. I realized that what I was urged to express could be useful and appreciated by the readers, who have felt similarly or who were just curious about how others felt.

I adore words. I believe they possess much greater power than we give them credit for. Words are the solid pieces of our imagination, heart, and soul. They are the final creation ushered from the inside to the outside. Spoken or written words are the product of our inner essence and true self. Through them we are able to share a part of our selves with everyone.

This book awakens awareness and wisdom in its readers. This book is meant to be about the emotions in our lives. How they cavort, spring out, swell up, or gloom down in different situations. Sometimes a single emotion could sound like a song ringing loud in our ears. When we take our time to listen to the melody, we are prompted to arrange words, to transmit a sincere tune of our inner emotions—and that is called art.

I hope that you will be just as open to what you read as you are to the roller coasters of your own emotions. Only then, I am sure, will you find this book filled with enticing and alleviating poetry—a glorious mirror, reflecting the principles of life itself.