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Poetry from Heather-Still under construction, come again later!

"I want to paint like the birds sing." -Claude Oscar Monet This is a quote from one of my favorite artists. This quote has also inspired me to write to my hearts content. I feel that writing allows me to express my true feelings and show others how words can be mixed and mingled together to flow into a river of emotion. I have been writing poetry since I was very young. I love to put my emotions on paper where I can speak uninterupted by others. Please, feel free to read my poetry. All I ask is that you don't plagerize. That is illegal and immoral. If you wish to use my poetry for anything, please email me and let me know and give me the credit for the work. Afterall, the poems on this site are written solely by me and from my own life experiences. Thank you for visiting my website at and please come again soon!