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Flo Sicc Entertainment


Flo Sicc Entertainment was founded in September of 2002, by Brandon Johnson aka Shadow. The meaning behind the name of the company is very simple. Everyone goes around saying “That kid has skills” or “He’s nice”, well I’m giving everyone a new phrase to say “That kid is sicc”. Many people doubted that Flo Sicc would even get off of the ground and a little bit of publicity. Even though it’s the net Flo Sicc over the months has developed a stable fan base that many companies headed by a 17 yr. old college student may not have the honor to have. At the age of 17 Sha has been putting in a lot of work during his free time at school. He has formed many business relationships that are destined to put Flo Sicc Entertainment among the best of independent record labels. All in all, Shadow is working hard to please his fans, gain new fans, and put his hometown of Augusta, Georgia on the map through the success that he has had and will have with his label.

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A Note To Those Who Doubt Sha:

It's like this many of ya'll hate that Heat is doing his thing, but when you cross the line that's a wrong move. He has stood around and let this shit go on long enough. This nicca represented Augusta, Ga to the fullest, and now ya'll cats want to say 'he ain't shit' or 'he ain't going to make it'. Little do you know that he put everything that he has into this game, and he refuses to let ya'll determine his place in this game. So, keep on sending the hate e-mails to keep a nicca's fire lit, keep on sending shit to the a&r's of the labels he's trying to get on to, and keep on hating. This here is going out to those who know exactly who they are, and to those who showed me support from the jump MUCH LOVE & RESPECT. Now, to all those who doubt Sha; just be on the look out for responses to your comments on mix tapes and shit. 'I REFUSE TO LET ANYONE GET THE BEST OF ME! REMEMBER YOU CAN NOT OUT SMART A SMART ASS'

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