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Climb inside my heart
and tell me what you see.
Do you see you?
Do you see me?
Can you see a youth?
Do you see a little girl?
Do you see a woman there,
the sensual me?
Can you see the dreams?
Can you see the love
I have for you?
Do you see the longing,
the aching, the loneliness?
Do you see the pain there too?
Of wanting, of missing you?
Can you see the faith
I have in you?
Can you see the fear?
The fear of losing you?
Do you see the tears?
Can you see my fantasies?
Can you see God,
within my heart?
Can you see a mirror of you?
Can you see reflections,
of Hope,that we can last?
Climb inside my heart,
Climb inside of me
Tell me what you see?
Can you see immortality?
Can you see eternity?
Can you see me?
Can you see you and me?

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