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God is Love I John 4:16
And  God created man in His own image;
 every man and woman.

And God saw all He had created and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:27,31
the kingdom of Heaven is within You Luke 17:21

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"What a great collection of work! Different but excellent!
It was very unique and, in fact, I loved it. Great writing!"

Michael P. Jones, publisher, Horse Latitudes

"very spiritual...beautiful...perfect...entertaining.... haunting.... philosophical..." (Joseph Hart, WAR)

"It's so childlike...pure and intelligent-precise...awesome!"
 John, website visitor

S t a r   C h i l d
(copyright 2002)
by Bruce Drouin

"We are star matter"
Carl Sagan "Cosmos"

We sit under the stars
listening to the music of the wind blowing the leaves in the trees,
while we gaze up at the stars  which
draw our hearts and we become
one with them and we fill the space that
expands between us as the distance between us
becomes one filled with the same feeling
connected by the same idea which created us.
And we gaze into each other's eyes you and I
and all around us becomes a symphony of  eternal night
whose music is voiced in the wind
and we have transcended time you and I
and the stars and the night and the earth.
Together we make up the music
the music of our souls
and we hear it played back to us
in  the song in the wind. 

"Shhhhh! The wind is blowing. Hearken, it’s the voice of God!"





Plosive power bursts of beauty
Fireworks of the Divine
Green, dazzling, shining,
Tips, breezy, bursts
Carried on the wings
Flowers, grass, trees,
Rolling hills clouds,
Lightning blazes, blue, silver,
Unfolding bursts of yellowish
Red blossoms
Scurrying, laughing
Chattering, smiling
Bursts of Life
Magnificence in rhythm
Panorama of LIFE


We are star children,
 along the
milky way
of Light

whose stream
flows in a wave
guided by sound
pulsars.... like rocks
along the way vibrating,
An Ohm,,
Winding along the rhythmic
Current of star light

"We Burn Like Stars
We ignite and spread our light
As sparks
We touch each other

We ignite the
We burst forth

To all

And then we burn out
leaving behind all
which we’ve

 the Soul

a positive energy
vibration of light
grows radiates echoes attracts
flows in to all
into space freely flowing
in and on the winds of the universe
into life forms
of beauty taking on new forms
to take new forms
in ecstasy


Into the Night

Dancing freely
Freely wild
Surrounded by wind
Blowing into me
Carrying me to ecstasy
Penetrating me
Becoming a part
Of the Divine
Pursuing time
Into space
Into no time
No space
No dimension
Just eternity and bliss
Where all is all
And God is all
And we are borne
Upon the bright wings
Of blessed angels
And we are no longer;
We have transcended into
The spirit Into all times and
All is all
Around us and within us
And our eyes have become
Breathing in the incomprehensible
Wonder of life
Rhythm in
Warmth and tenderness and
Bliss and
God is all
Around us and in us
Each shape is a pattern of rhythm
within the Divine Symphony Everlasting
 whirling around in
An endless song
The song of the wind
Blows about
The particles which take shape in the infinite mind

Evolve the Power of God Conscience
To grow the soul
To enlighten the world!”

O Soar O Soar my soul lifting with wings
Upon the winds of thought
freely flowing from every note
                                You play upon my heart!





A blue canvas
With streaks of
yellow white
red black brown
 A sun, a cloud
A river, a mountain
Furry creatures...

Yellow White Red Black Brown

Reaching out for the brush!



  The Best Show in Town

People! Old, Middle-aged, Young
Scenery! “Places”, seasons, panoramas
Intermission!  constantly changing
ever occurring in the daily drama of our lives –
all of us!


 Time is running out!  Only one per customer!

    Starring in

"The Stream of LIfe"

Life is a stream
Rocks along the way
Which are directions Neither good nor bad
Just right turns and left turns
Along the way in the flow
To where?
We move on

Along the bubbly,
Sometimes turbulent
Sometimes still,
Deep, shallow
Transparent, muddy,
Moving along
Always onward
Life is spiritual
Invisible Light
That ever flowing current
Of energy
And we make up

ever changing
In directions
Neither good nor bad
Always onward into ALL

We are each units NOTES
Along the symphony of light
spreads out like an ever expanding scale
of musical notes
all meeting each other
along the way

Our sounds intermingle
and create new

Sounds of joy along the way the milky
way of music of light
composed by an

Whose thought is never ending
And forever expanding!




  I Am but a Beautiful Blossom
My petals multiply
To infinity
Each new one is younger
Each old one dies
Making room for more
 As the past dies the future enters
And I grow and grow
So Beautiful

Radiating from within to without
In sensitive sparkle
The flower
Of the face blossoming into
A radiant smile
A beacon of hope along the way
A charm that magically unfolds
A gentle voice singing a serene song
To soothe the soul
A tearful eye so generously inviting
A relaxed rosy face
Calm and warm
The twinkle of an eye
The flowing heart
The body balanced, moving freely
Alive in space

The Field of Flowers

A little child was asked to find a flower
In a field of weeds.
But all he saw were weeds.
So, being a little child,
He thought, there must be a flower somewhere.
So, he searched and searched and finally when he was about to give up,

A little flower
Appeared before him in the midst of weeds

A little bright flower

Then being a child, he thought again.
There must be another flower somewhere.
And sure enough, he found

Another bright flower

There’s got to be more flowers! He shouted.
And sure enough
He found five, ten, twenty,

A whole ton of flowers
Flowers everywhere!

He had been in a field of flowers!


The Plant

 I plant my roots
And search by growing out
New roots for spiritual food
To grow stronger
Upward and outward
Feeding the beauty
Of my blossoming self
Fruit  leaves  flowers  branches
Dropping seeds
For which I multiply
And continue to root and search
The deep spiritual soil
Which is my anchor


Like a Tree

Like a tree our species comes from a seed
Searches out
Takes root
Moves into a trunk
Reaches upward expanding into branches and leaves
All one tree
We continue
Upward   outward
Becoming more 
as we branch out
reaching and extending
to the Divine

 The Upside Down Tree

With my Head in the ground
Fertilizing my roots
Sending  sap up my
Oozing out
from  my
Timber limbs
I yield the fresh scent
Of pure beginning
My  thousand legs
Dangle and dance
As I try to reach
The sky beneath me
I get all tangled up
In space
The moon is flirting with me
She teases me
I can see her enjoyment
In my perplexity
My seed
I sprout forth branches
Of beautiful green waves






     “The Park Bench”

 Scene-  any place you choose
Characters – anybody; as many as you choose

The characters wander on
          They talk with each other, argue, eat, make love, sleep, wash,
                                                  Dress, act out, parade around in different costumes, play their games,        
          Amuse each other, isolate, weep, celebrate

 ACT 2
-      One-at-a-time, each character disappears
          Even you disappear even though some characters remain

         ACT 3
      You’re gone; so are the others


SONG: "On My Way" 
You have come too late 
too late
For I have already gone
already gone
And I have moved along
moved along

And you already behind ~
behind me
I do not look back for my way is up ahead
up ahead

 I do not look back for my way is up ahead
up ahead

I do not look back


 ACT 4

     Three children are seen playing on a park bench

    And so on
World Without ENd



Talk talk talk
Chatter chatter chatter
The noise becomes deafening
And those who were listening

Cannot hear anymore of all that

Words to create illusions of pictures
Which create desires that we agree on
 and nobody
really knows the same thing
of what someone else means when they are saying
nothing that they are talking about

you know what I mean?


SONG: Backward I Go Forward

The same street
                          A different time
I remember
                    Last summer
The innocent boy
On the bicycle
                     Riding down this street
He’s traveled
In time
with that season
And I on New Year’s Eve
Look down the same street
Knowing I’ve been here
Knowing that we’re all traveling
On this street
                We cannot see
                             Where we’ve gone
                                                            Or where we’re going


 "Ride the Vibe!"

Building into
We ride the vibrations
Carrying us like rafts
On rapids
We ride
On the harmony of life the stream of life's falling
Carrying us
On the waves of life currents
into all"




as concrete
winding to day’s end
shapes of what
is known
figures that
occupy no space
and shape the thoughts
of what is yet unknown

have been there
for we see our path
left behind
and know from shoreline
its tide will come again
to claim what’s left behind

Did shapes tell us?


Like curved lines?
Or straight lines which
Are shaped repetitively
Like a drumbeat beating
A cadence or rhythm
Which makes us understand


The Shedding

like layers of snakeskin
golden red black
crumbling up
diamond pyramids
that merely fall away
revealing the shiny new timber of reality.

  Stark Naked

With my green dress aside
I stand bare
a  towering pillar
adorned by fresh green leaves
which brush my smooth
timber skin



 To all too similar
which are solidified
where I began
and ended
lies beneath
the shapes
which are



 Joining in opposition
holding cross sections together
my disposition
whose constitution
must be for
the empty space
I was meant to fill


Infinite Door

 Locked entrance
a  barred rectangle
reflecting glass squares
The Door
leading inward
through each
portal deeper
to find a
of himself
looking out


The Poet

I give birth from my impregnated soul
Filled with the feeling inside

From movement of Seeds
Left behind by Divine Intercourse
Who filled my open wounds with
Overwhelming vision

Brings joy to us all.

I give birth from my impregnated soul

Filled with the feeling inside

From movement of Seeds
Left behind by Divine Intercourse
Who filled my open wounds with
Overwhelming vision

With beauty
With feelings
In rhythmic flow of
Love and understanding
Reflected everywhere
In a new awareness
And explodes onto this page



our warm weary bodies
Rocking you
While my eyes watch over
Your innocent face
And together we feel
The rhythm of our hearts
And breaths flowing
Through and within
All around us
Together locked in
A warm




Night Shadow

the moon is

her face
her ear
A   star
a pin of light

she is aurora

the darK mysterious space

Waves of Silk


the virgin moon
peaks at me
as passing clouds
like silk curtains
unveil more of
her white oval



The Rearrangement

Clouds move across
he skyway
like freighters moving out
of port
to another destination
in space
While hours later
another fleet moves
in the opposite direction

Toward Heaven

Streaks of white light
Whose winds
Mark the busy flights
Of angels
Passing through
Moving currents about

God’s creative ideas





What is the

                                     Or did someone invent an  illusion or
                 “perception” our common
which someone  calls “facts”
based on calendars 
and clocks which tell “time”
so someone can invent “history”
to tell us what we should
believe, dream, and become?
So to make it even more real
This illusion
someone invented
linear time and space and
 to prove someone’s myth
or “religion” !

To study our own existence
Relatively speaking
which is always
and only understood in
our own – self or
universe is really redundant
anyway isn’t  it?

So who’s existence then
are we really studying or
                 …agreeing on


Why then are the animals so afraid of us?
And why doesn’t Mother Nature
stop and pay alert attention to us-
to this serious circumstance
we seem to be embarked on?
and why don’t the trees

get so bent out of shape over all of this?

Does it really make a difference anyway?

 It’s your Box!




Or Evolution

The evaporation and decay of matter
into the ethereal
Becoming visible
Becoming invisible


Reappearing in different forms of molecules 
different shapes
Evolving into the visible from the invisible into the invisible
Depending upon what the human eye sees
Matter is never destroyed ~ always transforming
Reinventing into shapes visible and invisible
To the human eye
All around us and through us
all matter is space
Time is relative
Or not at all
Depending upon what evolution
One is in rhythms around us 
Are the molecular music
Of evolution
Of matter
Of space


O do you occupy this space?
Of the universe?

We are a universe!

Do you really matter?

Yes, I (am) matter!
Do you mind?
Does it matter?
Yes, it matters!
What is the matter (with your) mind?
My mind must be (the) matter!
Then, can matter perceive matter?
Can mind perceive mind?
If it matters?
Does it matter?
Yes, it matters!
I must matter so I perceive matter!

 And matter is mind and I matter and I mind
And my mind must matter
And I perceive my mind
My matter!
Careful I’ll change my mind!

Then, you mean you’ll change your matter?
Can matter change matter?
If my mind can change my mind
And mind is matter
Then matter can change matter
And mind can change matter
And matter can change mind
My thought is  from my mind
I think therefore I know I  am

And I use my mind to think that
I know I am
And I matter
Because I think I matter
And matter is mind-mind is matter
And I can change my mind
Which means I can change my matter
And my thoughts can change
And then my mind can change
And then my matter can change

 And if the universe is matter
And I perceive the universe with my mind
Then it matters and it must have a mind
Because the universe changes its matter and
If thought and mind and I and the universe
All matter
Then all can change their matter/mind/universe

My mind is constantly changing
My matter is constantly changing
The universe is constantly changing
And if my thoughts perceive the universe
Then I see what is invisible or visible depending upon what the eye or mind sees depending upon how my mind has evolved or changed
My matter has changed

And the universe can change and since universe
And mind and matter are only a perception of thought which can change
Then the universe and I and matter can change each other can change

Reincarnating ourselves from new ideas into

Forms shaped by the visible and invisible
Rhythms forming a different universe which
materializes   matter I realize



An Epoch

In darkness
We fell
And the earth shook
Split apart!
God moved

The oceans opened up

The skies parted
The sun came to a halt
And all ceased in awe
As the universe stopped
and knelt before
Its Majestic Creator

 And His Spirit
Was felt by the force of the winds

As flights of angels
Made ready for

the Most Beautiful ONE

 Trumpets called out
        Echoing throughout every
Corridor of His Universe
 Great legions of Angels   
Flew in Unison
While fires showered down            
 from all the Stars in the galaxies
And the great portals of Heaven   
Burst open
Brilliantly lighting
Up the Universe
With Golden Bliss
Like moving lava
Melting  away
All  paradigms of separation
In the Universe
Bathing it with warm flowing golden splendor
and ALL became divine    
was ~ is ~ would be
forever and ever




And the angels moved

The clouds struck
And the sound echoed

But no one heard the silence
Awaiting the movement

 A bird sang
A star tumbled
The wind whistled
The trees shook
The earth trembled
Lightening flashed
A cry of a hawk
An angel peaks out
To see if the coast is clear


The skies awaken
And light up
As the clouds rearrange
The next movement begins

 A star bustles
A wind rearranges the space
His angels take flight

And the earth opened up

And the snakes came forth
Through the world and the animals mooed
And the lawn mowed
And the coffee purred
And the cat brewed

And all became
And no one knew
The wind that blew
The star that tumbled
And all that jumbled
And all that garbled
  As the snake that
Through the world
Leaving its eggs
Tempting us with apples
While no one among
Us saw
the seesaw
Tilting back and forth
As the world rolled back and forth
Teetering up and down on the verge
the skies open up        
                 He reaches down

Grabs an apple and

Another one bites the dust ~

Chawah dahwah"
Are the stars out tonight?

  ooooh Maybe a million people pass by
But they all disappear from view


Chawah dahwah

I don’t know if we are in a garden
on some crowded avenue 


Chawah dahwah
I only have eyes for you, Dear.
chawah dahwah.





Since we are all stars
Why do we analyze?
The why of our brightness
Or the how of why we shine?
And with an answer
Where is our happiness?


Since we are all stars
hy do we analyze?
The why of our brightness
Or the how of why we shine?
And with an answer
Where is our happiness?


Since we are all stars
Why do we analyze.....



Is only a period of energy

which has been blown up
dispelled separation
like droplets of splintered mercury multiplying
in order to return to its original form
of equal energy
of equal force
of equal energy
which set it apart
now the invisible force which separated
into smaller parts re-ignites the spark within each droplet
to come together for a
Big Bang !   




                   Ping<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>   Pong          
    Ping<<<<<<<<<E C H O<
     Going out  
The departure<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Coming back ***pong

The return

A hero’s journey is like an echo
Wallowing in empty space
Filling it up with sounds
Which echo
Back and forth
Like a ping 
Going out and returning transformed
and returning “pong”

Vibrations of sound
Impacting on each other
Forms ideas

This pounding symphonic resolution
Produces sparks as ideas collide


  Opening up
Splicing into more lines
   Vertical lines
Slicing and dicing

  Filling out the space with brightness
Pulsating  dancing 

Dancing  splitting apart
Into more lines

And spreading out
Each vertical line splits
Like hairs
Straight lines

As they break apart
they spread out
Web like AURORA of golden light

Opening each line up and
Spreading it out in a shimmer
Of golden light
As each light form becomes
A Weaver of light forms
Like an accordion drawing itself
Outward and inward producing
A sound called an echo
A return back to the original line
This expansion and retraction
Creates the
Music of light
S L I C E S    L I N E S
Changing constantly
Dissecting and dividing
Expanding and illuminating


Emanating  expanding
Recollecting  rays
Split light
E n E r G y is the idea which

 F o R m S   L I G H T
F o r m s
 L I F E ///// / // //  / / / /
/ /
   which like light split apart 
   from union with each other
  into more forms and 
   then go back    
  into each other 

   These slices of lines which we are
We ignite and spread out from sparks

  From the combustion of seeds with soil
    In the womb of the earth  
   We were created
  A pong from the ping! 
     AN ECHO!   

From THE EYE     
    Of the S O U L

  which splits the  light which creates  
   the soul – a V I B r A t ion Of  an IDEA 
   – the sound  

   called joy which grows from the dance of light   
    spreading  joy in the dance of  light  

  and we touch darkness and all we touch 

is filled up with light

we touch the conscience which is stars

   the evolving conscience of God”   

And we hear the sound of the wind in the trees which like a musical instrument register the vibrations of the universe
The ever evolving harmony of light
The stars that twinkle above us draw our breath away unto it - as we become entranced and connected with it and we fill up the space that expands between us and the star
And our distance becomes one
Filled with same feeling
Connected by the same idea which created us
We are one
“We are stars you and I along the milky way of light whose stream is a wave of sounds

Carrying light winding along the rhythmic current of molten light bubbling and sparkling and flowing along
the current
Erupting and expanding into more light
More golden light

More joy

As we feel the strong current of light pulling us along its vast milky way,
We are each units NOTES

Along the symphony of light which spreads out like an ever expanding scale of musical notes
all meeting each other along the way
Our sounds
intermingle and create new sounds
Sounds of joy
along the way the milky way of music of light composed by an idea
Whose thought is never ending
And forever expanding!”



Releasing into space the feelings of wonder.
Music embraces the spirit of hope and joy!
The colorful panorama of happiness and life!
To fly away through the air of invisible time
Spreading star shine all about!
Spreading Joy and Delight!
“I never knew love like this before, open your eyes!”

It’s all too beautiful!



             Star Child
               Copyright 2002

As a spirit we come into this human journey.
The spiritual journey of everyman.


                Recorded, written and designed by
               Bruce Drouin

And STAR CHILD is the
# 1 favorite and HAS BEEN VIEWED BY OVER 10,000 visitors to this page on HEAL SPIRIT web site.


Here are some of the reviews from poets and poetry magazines so far:
"What a great collection of work! Your poetry was different but excellent!
It was very unique and, in fact, I loved it. Great writing!"

Michael P. Jones, publisher, Horse Latitudes

 "Drouin is a refreshing new talent determined to try new techniques"  Isles of Myst Review
"He gives poetry new meaning!" Poetry  Review
"very spiritual...beautiful...perfect...entertaining.... haunting.... philosophical..." (Joseph Hart, WAR)

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Table of Contents


We Are Star Children


Upon the Stream of Light


On My Way


The Field of Flowers


The Upside Down Tree


Backward I Go Forward


Did Shapes Tell Us


The Box


An Epoch




The Arrival



Peace my fellow traveler as we trudge the road of happy destiny!

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