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God is Love I John 4:16
And  God created man in His own image;
 every man and woman.

And God saw all He had created and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:27,31
the kingdom of Heaven is within You Luke 17:21

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The Fountain of Youth
By Bruce Drouin

"His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he shall return to the days of his youth." Job 33

YOU will be Youthful.
Yes, youth is YOU.

    Yes it's always been INSIDE YOU!

Youth it has been said is a “state of awe or bliss" .    Youth it has been described is a feeling of wonder, innocence, freshness; the opposite of cynical and worn out. So in that case younger in age or older in age it doesn’t matter, we can be cynical and worn out at 25 years old and we can be full of wonder at 75 years old. Youth is a state of mind that can be found or lost at any age. Youth is a spiritual state! Youth is alive and full of feeling.  Youth is vibrant and unafraid.  Youth is very much a part of living, changing, discovering and yes, actually staying physically young without the help of cosmetics, fad diets, and work-out regiments. Youth has nothing to do with acting juvenile, crazy, arrogant, irresponsible, or aloof. It is child-like.  Youth is fun, spontaneous, alive, energetic, emotionally responsive, in touch with reality, intelligent, creative and adaptive.  Youth is full of wonder and surprise.   And above all youth is very much in the “present”!  The important point is that because it is a state of mind, it can be accessed in our minds.
        Among those who had lost their youth it was imagined that there was such a thing as a "Fountain of Youth" which had magical waters which sprung up from a special spring that would give those who drank from it or bathed in it healing and rejuvenation. In effect it would reverse age and return those who drank of its waters back to his youth.  Well, many people set out to look for it; sadly, none ever could found it. Why not?  Because it was always inside of themselves. What they had of the Fountain of Youth-its healing and rejuvenating powers were inside of them.  Then why could they not reach it if it was inside themselves? Because they had abandoned themselves in pursuit of things outside of themselves and found sadness instead.   To set out looking for romances, people, power and material possessions to make us happy is to set out on a voyage to nowhere. It is like leaving your house to look for your bedroom.

Pleasures outside of ourselves are seductive powers. They get us hooked and because they can never fulfill us, we drain our life energy pursuing them. We've plugged into a power drainage rather than a Power source.  And the source of all Power is within ourselves! So when we hook into pleasures outside of ourselves, we direct that Power from within us to something outside of ourselves. And because those things outside of ourselves need our Power to keep them alive, they can not give us any Power back to replenish the power they have taken from us.   They take our Youth, our innocence, our wonder.  They disappoint us and constantly let us down. We become miserable, diseased, insatiable, lonely, bitter. Because our energy is draining, we do not have enough energy to sustain our health.  Thus, we become ill, stressed, depressed (drained), diseased, physically aged and inevitably dead.

So, to help with their illness and depression, these people look for cures to replenish their energy and restore them to well-being and health. Or even try moving to a new place, or having a new romance, or maybe it will be a new job, more money, a new project, a new relationship, a brand new drug, a new vacation spot, a new car, a new face lift. more vitamins, a vacation to a spa, a new exercise, a new look-change of clothes, a new house or a remodeling! And as we all know, these things don't last and furthermore, do not give us what we think they should be giving us. We get let down. Does that stop some of us? NO! Pursue and consume and pursue and consume, ad infinitum. They get "high" on the new, on the pursuit, on consuming, and so forth. And all the while they can not understand why they are getting depressed and why their doctors tell them they have high blood pressure or anxiety disorder or manic depression, or panic attacks, and insecurities or hypertension. And still some of them keep trying to change the outer body to cause a change within themselves. So these people get hooked on plastic surgery, exercise regimens, cosmetic treatments, and so on.  In actuality, the more money you have to spend on something to make you happy or looking good, it isn't going to work. That's why it's expensive!  Because most of us know that the best things in life are free or minimally priced!  It's the spending, the hype, the idea that they can afford it, the status and all the "mind games" that they believe if they believe in it enough will cause them to feel a certain way! Well, can one be happy, healthy and youthful without all those things? If not, then none of them are serving its purpose to keep you youthful, healthy and happy. 

And like the powers they depend on for happiness and health and youth, they become just like them: short lived, worn out, unreliable, dependent, moody, unstable, used and abused, and discarded. An object! The saying "you are what you eat" is the same as you are what you touch, what you consume, etc...Depend on objects become like objects! Depend on the people you depend upon and you become like them. The same is true about ideas, depend on those ideas and you become like those ideas. All things outside of ourselves have to be there for us. That means we have to rely on them being there.  That means we have to pay some kind of price to maintain those things or people to be there for us. In a way, we have become dependent or even enslaved  or addicted to those things to be there for us to make us happy and healthy.  So when they are not there or are  unreliable, they cause us unhappiness. It becomes more like the person or object that becomes the source of power now.

That's why if we go inside ourselves, we find eternity and all Power. We find youth.
And we always have access to ourselves. And we can replenish our inner Power from within through spirituality. And we can draw from it at anytime. And it doesn't matter what is around us or where we are.  It's not like a car on a road that runs out of gas 40 miles from the nearest gas station. Whenever, we run out of energy, we can go within and draw from our "fountain"
      Well, smart, rich, or poor, religious or not, unlucky or lucky, rich or famous or not, youth can be found inside yourself. YES! Everybody!  When you find it, you will definitely know it!  You will have found YOU! Nothing more needs to be said. You will never need to be like someone or dependent on someone or something ever again!

This Real Power money can never buy! Nor any material acquisition can ever satisfy or replace YOU or YOUth!  Why do you think people who pursue happiness with money never seem to have enough and are always insecure about running out of it??
Because they don't have any Power! No Real Power!  If they did, they wouldn't be restless and in constant pursuit of more money, new objects, new fads, new diets, new exercises, new new and better better. And this is the latest and this doctor has found the answer or read this book it's go the answer. And the latest spa! And now we need more money because we might lose all of this! Besides we need more money just to maintain all of this. We are telling ourselves that it is this superficial quality that will make me special. And a superficial quality can not do anything internally like bring happiness or youth.  And sad to say, they can not find the Power inside themselves because they're too blind to see by all the objects and places and people around them- outside of them. And sad, they can not see how insecure they look, how unhealthy and neurotic they are getting, and all the while disease - mental and physical is taking its toll. Like "The Masque of the Red Death", by Edgar Allen Poe, Prince Prospero hopes to avoid the red death by living in a well protected castle surrounded in opulence with people who are not diseased by the plague known as the red death.  And in sheer horror he discovers that he and his guests are the very "red death" they have been trying to hide from! By living above the rest of mankind, by separating himself from the majority of the population and living in an opulent lifestyle, he could not see the red death anymore, and because of that, he ran to it! The same is true for those who pursue power outside themselves; they find death instead! Like Prince Prospero, they pursue material wealth and fads to "feel safe and happy" just like the Prince. And all the while they keep pursuing their objects, material, fads, diets, etc. and are never quite peaceful. In reality they are going insane, deteriorating, becoming more dependent, energy drained and enslaved to the very sources of power they have turned to. Inevitably like victims of vampires they have been drained of their "spiritual" life. (Some familiar forms of this dependency/drainage are alcoholism, materialism, hedonism, addiction, greed, insatiable power, violence and aggression  terror, fantasy and escapism) - and all things which distract us and lead us endlessly in unquenchable pursuit. "There is no suffering like selfish desire. The more you satisfy your selfish desires, the more you make it burn. It demands more of what it can not experience-everlasting pleasure unmixed with anything unpleasant" Dharma

"It is not life that brings sorrow or suffering; it is the demands we make on life that bring this disease" Dharma

 IT'S NOT TOO LATE! GOOD NEWS! YOU HAVE POWER NOW! It is and has been within you, regardless if you have been dependent on things outside yourself or not.  I have for many years. Almost all my life. And I have found the Power within me. It is God which is the source of all Youth. And I also know, it is never too late to find it! As long as you are still alive and breathing and have somewhat of a thinking mind, then you can reverse the aging process, rejuvenate, bring your disease into remission, rid yourself of mental and bodily illnesses. In essence you can discover or rediscover "the fountain" the healing Power, the life force, the direction that will reverse any illness and restore you to youth or maintain your youth for years.  The Indians and many tribal societies live well into their hundreds happily in youth and their bodies are young -still in their prime!  It is said that Moses lived to 140 years old! And many people who have discovered this truth are still doing that today.  "When the fires of selfish desire have been extinguished, by freeing the mind of desire and fear, then love and peace and perfect health shall awaken within you." Dharma

"So wake up!        
                     Remove the shroud from your slumber        
                  And see life while you’re alive                      
                               As it really is in all its glory           
            Life is not a grave to be mourned over             
      Or a memorial to the past to be commemorated    
                                               from STAR CHILD                            

My return to youth and discovery of the Fountain is is an excerpt from Bruce Drouin background -how spiritual healing changed my life and restored my youth and health and happiness...(part of my story) 

"I have a happiness I never had in my life. I am not as worried or stuck on one thing for days on end. I fall asleep the moment I hit the pillow- and I never fell asleep like that in 30 years. I pray before I go to sleep. I pray and meditate in the morning.  I exercise regularly. I say thank you to God and people I see many times throughout the day. I stop and meditate and pray when necessary instead of taking a pill or a drink. And I feel relief immediately. I have real friends, only a few and I am content with that and I don't need to have many people in my life nor do I have to be in places where there are lots of people. I have become content being alone. I help others and get satisfaction out of just being able to be of help. I am no longer dependent on having to make sure I please people in my life so they won't leave me. I am no longer co-dependent. I am content to be without a friend if it has to be the case rather than to compromise my peace of mind or my spiritual values. Friends are not meant for us to lean on or depend on, they are meant to share our joys and participate with in the bringing about of happiness for others.  I continuously let go of my dependencies on people and things and I experience joy and freedom.  The same is true about everything! Whenever I let go of something old, outworn, no longer of use or something not good for me, always something better comes into my life. That's how I have learned, we have to constantly let go of things and people. If we don't, we stagnate and get sick. Collect too many things and people in your life- that's the fastest way to get old, diseased and die!  If it isn't spiritually helping me in my life right now, it or they go.  Even if it means letting go of everybody you know and risking having nobody in your life. As the Dhammapada says, "It is better to keep the company of yourself than to be with fools." And the Bible tells me that "he that keeps the company of wise men shall be wise, but he that keeps the company of fools shall perish."
         Well, I couldn't understand why I was getting depressed, sick, and drug dependent. Why were medicines not effective? It is obvious today. Illness is a state of the soul not the body! Look at a picture of me in December of 1999 and then look at a picture of me today. I look happier, healthier and 20 years younger. The biblical verse  "God will return him to his youth if he confess to God that he perverted that which was right." Job 33. My life is a testimony of that. How my body restored itself to health and was made wholly new. Living spiritually has alleviated my manic depression, my alcoholism, lowered my blood pressure, restored my liver, increased my strength to that of a 30 year old, changed my physical constitution, made me 100 times more alert and quicker.


“If any man say, I have sinned, and perverted that which was right, and it profited me not; God will deliver his soul from going into the pit, and his life shall see the light. His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he shall return to the days of his youth. He shall pray to God and God will look favorably unto him and shall see his face with joy for God will give him righteousness.” Job 33

   "Let us search and try our ways, and turn to God" Lamentations 3:40         



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