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God is Love I John 4:16
And  God created man in His own image;
 every man and woman.

And God saw all He had created and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:27,31
the kingdom of Heaven is within You Luke 17:21

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                                                                Dear God,

Help me to be compassionate when I want to get angry, judgmental or self-righteous.
Let me have mercy and love in my heart as you have been to me.  I remember that I did nothing to give me this beautiful life you have given me today.  I was a broken down useless man who had no will to live.  Yet, you led me into AA and enabled to find the way I have always been looking for to enjoy a better life, a happy life, a life I would look forward to every day.  And that I have through your mercy, been given such happiness that I could only remember having when I was a child. Please God, may I be as merciful and as loving to others as you have been to me.

My God, forgive me for I have been self righteous, uncompromising, and uncompassionate to my brother.  Humble me and lead me in Your Way so that I can be an example of Your Way of Love!

                                                Thank you Lord,


Peace my fellow traveler as we trudge the road of happy destiny!

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Home Up STAR CHILD Healing Thoughts Poetry Music of My Soul Author Prayers

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