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God is Love I John 4:16
And  God created man in His own image;
 every man and woman.

And God saw all He had created and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:27,31
the kingdom of Heaven is within You Luke 17:21

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 "Very beautiful spirituality...a sense of intimacy and peace...and healthy in its spiritual content." 
New Mirage




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On the Healing Thoughts page
 over 30 spiritual articles which can change your life.
To know the truth about that person or condition or circumstance immediately heals that person and changes the condition or circumstance"  Emmet Fox
Here are some sample articles:






It is in Giving that We Receive


Inside Out


Are you in the past or in the present


The Fountain of Youth




And on the Prayers page
 you will find over 40  prayers ! 
 Prayers for Faith, Hope, Strength and meditations with God.
"LOVE and Prayer is the only power to change ourselves and the things around us."

Here are some sample prayers (click on)
Where Am I Going

Prayer For Healing
Prayer For Forgiveness
When Nobody Is There
Why God Blesses Me



I was lost and you my God found me with your Love;
Please let your Love shine through me
to all people who see me will see you in me
For it is You God which is Love
And without You I am nothing.
May all who hear and who touch me
be healed by You O Lord,
Our God.


"Drouin is a refreshing new talent determined to try new techniques" 
Ises of Myst Review
(click on or scroll down for more writing)
which is  break through free verse like 


Lady in the Huge Dark Mansion (vignette written 10/25/03)


The Box


And Still Fell the Rains (The Night of November 22, 1963) ~


The Song in the Wind




 SPECIAL FEATURE: I've included my poetry manuscript ~

~ STAR CHILD  (copyright 2002)

" WOW! Very unique! Different, but excellent!"  
Michael P. Jones, Editor - Horse Latitudes Press

"gives poetry new meaning!" Poetry  Review
"A metaphysical journey..profound...funny...childlike...spiritual"

And STAR CHILD is the # 1 favorite and HAS BEEN VIEWED BY OVER 10,000 visitors to this page on HEAL SPIRIT web site.

"We are stars you and I along the milky way of light whose stream is a wave of sounds filled with the same feeling
Connected by the same idea which created us
We are one in THE AURORA of LIGHT
winding along the rhythmic current of molten light 
Breathing in the incomprehensible
Wonder of life
whose stream
flows in a wave
guided by sound
pulsars like rocks
along the way
An Ohm,
Winding along the rhythmic
Current of star light  the symphony of light which spreads out like an ever expanding scale of musical notes all meeting each other along the way
Our sounds intermingle and create new sounds
Sounds of joy along the way the milky way of music of light composed by an Idea
Whose thought is never ending
And forever expanding!”   



"It's so childlike... pure and intelligent-precise...awesome!" John, website visitor

AND my first published book ~

Music of My Soul
published by GLB Publications
San Francisco, CA. 2001

"And we gaze into each other
Knowingly speaking through
Our eyes our auras and our hearts
And the symphony around us

expanding into eternity  brings the invisible alive and we are no longer,
We have transcended you and I."
"Very beautiful subtleties of a private spirituality.." Aaron Alexander Cotton

"This collection would be ideal to read aloud or perform" Joseph G. Philips.

And two other poetry books STARBURSTS and AS A LEAF and can be purchased from
published by Good SAMARitan Press
P.O. Box 803282
Santa Clarita, Ca. 913380 or




And AA Recovery with The 12 Steps and articles "Conscious Contact", the "simple explanation of the AA Steps", Bill W. Letter to Carl Jung.
 For all to view.

Peace and Love and Health
Bruce Drouin

bullet LETTERS TO HEAL SPIRIT are posted at the bottom of this page)




We’ve always been
Who we always are
We just lost track
And went to sleep
To dream a dream
About the way things were and
Might have been
Reacting to life
The way things were and
Might have been
About old glories
Old miseries and all those
Ifs ~
So wake up!
Remove the shroud from your slumber
And see life while you’re alive
As it really is in all its glory
Life is not a grave to be mourned over
Or a memorial to the past to be commemorated


As a spirit we come into this human journey.
The spiritual journey of everyman.
So that we may awaken in God (LOVE).


We sit under the stars
listening to the music of the wind blowing the leaves in the trees,
while we gaze up at the stars  which
draw our hearts and we become
one with them and we fill the space that
expands between us as the distance between us
becomes one filled with the same feeling
connected by the same idea which created us.
And we gaze into each other's eyes you and I
and all around us becomes a symphony of  eternal night
whose music is voiced in the wind
and we have transcended time you and I
and the stars and the night and the earth.
Together we make up the music
the music of our souls
and we hear it played back to us
in  the song in the wind. 

"Shhhhh! The wind is blowing. Hearken, it’s the voice of God calling."




It’s all so beautiful!
Smiles and radiance.
The laughter reaching heights of uncontrollable spasms
Of merriment
Releasing into space feelings of wonder.
Music embraces the spirit!
Hope and Joy!
The colorful panorama of happiness!
Flying away through invisible time spreading
Star shine all about.
Joy and delight!
I never knew love like this before.
Open my eyes ~

It’s all so beautiful!




"And God saw everything He had created and, behold, it was very good." Genesis 1:31



~ Did You know ~

That all us human beings
Come from the same Creator
Who loves us as Our Father.
We’re simply brothers and sisters who were separated at birth.
When you remember this 
then each person who sees you
will recognize you.

Because you know

 "God is Love" I John 4:16




Infinite Door

 Locked entrance
a  barred rectangle
reflecting glass squares
The Door
leading inward
through each
portal deeper
to find a
of himself
looking out

                                             from STAR CHILD

Haven’t I seen you before?
Yes! Eye am the God within you.

If we are a reflection of God, then we are constantly looking at ourselves in the mirror and seeing God’s reflection back at us-All is a reflection of God which means God is constantly looking at  us. And everything we see is our reflection. The God in me=the God in them!
" the image of God -every man and woman." Genesis 1:27



Hear Not Fear !     

Hear as hear in  HEART
With your
Not your F in the ear
Which is FEAR or HATE
Hear with an H
In the ear
Which is HEAR
HEAR then with your
"Wisdom is better than weapons of war" Ecclesiastes 9:18



"There is a road we must travel and the road is called Love.

"He that walks according to wise men shall be wise" Proverbs 13:20




THE SYMPHONY by Bruce Drouin 


 “And we hear the sound of the wind in the trees which like a musical instrument register the vibrations of the universe the ever evolving harmony of light
The stars that twinkle above us draw our breath away unto it - as we become entranced and connected with it and we fill up the space that expands between us and the star
And our distance becomes one
Carrying light winding along the rhythmic current of molten light bubbling and sparkling and flowing along the current erupting and expanding into more light more golden light as we feel the strong current of light pulling us along its vast milky way,

We are each units NOTES
Along the symphony of light which spreads out like an ever expanding scale of musical notes all meeting each other along the way
Our sounds intermingle and create new sounds
Sounds of joy along the way the milky way of music of light composed by an idea by a tuning fork whose pitch ~
Whose thought is never ending

And forever  expanding an on an on into eternity the symphony of the universe///////////////////////////////////




Being human is not about being imperfect
it's about being perfectible!



  If man were essentially evil then evil would come natural to him and he would feel no remorse, disease afterwards.  Since man does feel empty, guilty, remorseful, and even “non-feeling” after he has done wrong, tells us that goodness is the true state man was born into.  He has a conscience and that means he has a choice and knows the difference between right and wrong.  We are all made in the image as Our Creator. Hence to say that any of us is created evil is to say that evil exists in God and that would be an untruth.

And  God created man in His own image;
 every man and woman.

And God saw all He had created and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:27,31





To my Godchild, Dylan Aaron Dalton.

The Field of Flowers

A little child was asked to find a flower
In a field of weeds.
But all he saw were weeds.
So, being a little child,
He thought, there must be a flower somewhere.
So, he searched and searched and finally when he was about to give up,

A little flower

Appeared before him in the midst of weeds

A little bright flower

Then being a child, he thought again.
There must be another flower somewhere.
And sure enough, he found

Another bright flower

There’s got to be more flowers!
 He shouted.  And sure enough
He found
five, ten, twenty,
A whole ton of flowers

Flowers everywhere!
He had been in a field of flowers!



When we look for what is good, we find that it comes quite naturally. Good is where it always is. Within us. 

And God saw all He had created and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:27,31



Our Gift

      Time is all we have to give to anyone.
It requires our attention, patience, and energy.
What we give our time to gets a piece of us.
That's why time is LIFE!
Life is such a precious Gift!
God's Gift to us is this time we call LIFE!
Our Gift to God is what we do with our Time!

For this Life is the only GIFT we have to give anyone!
So, where am I "spending my

Be happy and enjoy yourselves as long as you live."  Ecclesiastes






O how wonderful
art thou O Lord who blesses me
with such wonderful awe~
whose care and direction of
my life is so perfect
so smooth ~ so awesome
O My My My!
O My God ~ How wonderful
art Thou O Lord
that I shall ponder Thee
all the rest of the days
of my life!


"God wants His people to eat and drink and be happy, which are Gifts from God" Ecclesiastes

For more prayers click on Prayers


LOOK FOR GODfrom Divine Nuggets

Just look for Him
He's the space
you can not see
until you wake up!
So wake up!

"If you look for the Lord your God then you shall find Him." Deuteronomy 4:29

 God IS He always has been and will ever be! 

                         "I am with you even unto the end of the world"   Mathew28:19 




"And let the Peace of God rule your heart."
Colossians 3:15


For Peace

 O Lord, grant me the Mind
That can be loving.
God, grant me peace
That I may make wise choices.
O Lord,  guide my Heart
so I can hear your voice and
Feel your Loving Presence.
O Lord,  in time of trouble
May Peace and Wisdom reside within me.


"Depart from evil and do good; seek peace, and pursue it." Psalm34:14


For more prayers click on Prayers



"There is a bridge that we must cross and that bridge is Love."
The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thorton Wilder


 LOVE is present even if only one of us has it! Just like the sun is present  when there are only clouds.


Be kind rather than be cruel
Get close rather than run away
See good rather than what is bad
Adore rather than deface
Be patient rather than give up
Be grateful rather than sad
Forgive rather than hold on to resentment
Let go rather than cling to things
Support rather than gossip
Be optimistic rather than be negative
Commit rather than put off
Help rather than wait
Understand rather than judge
Openness rather than prejudice
Willingness rather than stubbornness
Sympathize rather than reject
Warmth rather than coldness
See rather than ignore
Realize rather than fantasize
Praise rather than scold
Give Compassion rather than indifference
Laugh rather than be perfect
Cry rather than shut down
Give rather than receive
Do this unto others without expectation. 
 "that you love one another as I love you.”   John 13:34

Before he died from AIDS, a young man who I had worked with in AA called me,  "Bruce, I only have a few weeks left to live. And I wanted to talk to you before I died.  I had to tell you this, because it is something I never knew until just now. Life is such a precious gift. And I am going to miss it. And  you are just wasting it.  Please, embrace it while you still can!"  Keith T. died 3 weeks later alcohol free. When I sobered up 10 years later, his words were still in my head. What he did was an act of true love.  All he had left from that broken down frail body to give was Love. That is why I believe the only thing we can truly give and keep and leave for those we leave in this world is LOVE!  It's the only thing that can make any difference!

"God is love,
he that dwells in love dwells in God, and God (LOVE) dwells within him”
 1 John 4:16 


MORE POEMS LIKE "LOVE" on Healing Thoughts
Or continue reading more poems and articles (The feature article, "The Fountain of Youth" is up ahead)



      URGENT !!!   

"There is a long lost brother…
that you have been waiting for…...He’s your brother…….
he has no food….…no place to stay……no clothes……no bed……..he has no friends…
he’s lonely...he's hungry...he's in pain....he's afraid
Your brother says…
If you were to give him
some food
And a place to stay
Some clothes
A bed to sleep in
And talk with him
you would make him happy

                                   He says….
You would be paid back,
you would always have
 some food
And a place to stay,
Some clothes and
A bed to sleep in
                    And someone to talk to you,
…..please reply….urgent….please

"Lord when saw we thee hungered, thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick or in prison?"
"Whatever you do to the least of your brothers, you do unto Me!"
"For I was hungered and you gave me meat;
I was thirsty and you gave me drink;
I was a stranger, and you took me in;
I was naked and you clothed me;
I was sick and you visited me;
I was in prison and you came unto me."
Mathew 25:34


PLEASE if this website helped you, help someone else-
ESPECIALLY someone who is sick, homeless or hungry!
"He that has mercy on the poor, will have happiness!" Proverbs
The spiritual solution to illness, unhappiness, and insecurity is more often
helping someone less fortunate than yourself.


One of the most memorable person in my life who lives on and who taught me the most about love was my Aunt Rosie. She owned an Italian beef stand on the west side of Chicago. One day she saw a man going through the dumpster looking for food. She called him in and gave him a combo beef and sausage sandwich and coffee. And did his face light up. Her son and daughter would come with her on Thanksgiving Day to deliver food to a poor family in the neighborhood. Michael recalls when the little girl opened the door and saw my Auntie Rose with the food, she jumped up and down, "Look Mamma, turkey!"  Michael said, "Man to see the look of joy in those kids faces!" What a feeling!  And then before she passed away, she was working at the 7-Eleven and saw a poor Mexican boy with dirty face and clothes come in.  She took the boy to K-Mart and bought him new clothes.   And when we were putting her casket into the hearse, we had stopped for a moment to wait for the directions from the driver, everything seemed to have stood still except the wind blowing the rose petals about on the top of her casket. It was a loving feeling, an assurance or hopeful feeling not something sad- that made me surprised because all I felt was a warm content happiness.  That's when I thought it was her spirit with us. And now many years later, I know it was LOVE or God - her Spirit- all of us.  Even her son, Michael had asked me if I saw the rose petals doing the same thing. The Thanksgiving after she passed away, I wanted to do what she had done- to find a poor family and give them some food. I did. When I knocked on the door, the man was hesitant to let me in.  I said, "please, it would be a blessing for me to give you this food." He opened the door and introduced me to his children.  They had no food in the refrigerator but they had smiles on their faces and were delighted I was there and made me feel at home.  After we had shared conversation, I left.  On my way home in the car, I felt the presence of my Auntie Rosie. And I felt a warmth like I had never felt before.  It was contentment and peace. And as I smiled, I remembered the words of Christ, "Do this in remembrance of me.  Now I knew what the Lord meant.  It's in giving Love that we receive Love.  Really it's in giving that all the joy is!  And I do it all the time and each time I feel good; sometimes so good, tears well up in my eyes! I remember at her funeral Mass, they sang the song of St. Francis. I found out that he was her patron saint.  It was he that said in his prayer, "it is in giving that we receive."
And whenever someone homeless or poor asks me for money or food, I am reminded of what Christ instructed us "whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do unto me." And every time I give, I say to myself I am giving to God and after I give I feel this incredible peace and happiness! And God which is Love is present when we give-then all is blessed! And after I have given to them that poor person almost always says,
 "God bless you."
HE does!

To be Godlike, I must love like God.
How?  Love everybody!

"And  God created man in His own image; the image of God.
Every man and woman." Genesis 1:27

And God saw everything He had created and, behold,
it was very good." Genesis 1:31


"In as much as you have done to the least of your brothers,
 you have done unto me." Mathew 25:40

"He that gives to the poor, lends unto the Lord; and that which he has given,
the Lord will pay him back again." Proverbs 19:17




Or Evolution

The evaporation and decay of matter
Into the ethereal
Becoming visible
Becoming invisible
Reappearing in different forms
Of molecules
different shapes
Into the visible
From the invisible
Into the invisible
Depending upon what the human
Eye sees
Matter is never destroyed
Always transforming
Reinventing into
Visible and invisible
To the human eye
All around us and through us
all matter is space
Time is relative
Or not at all
Depending upon what evolution
One is in
Rhythms around us
Are the molecular music
Of evolution
Of matter
Of space
O do you occupy this space?
Of the universe?
We are a universe!
Do you really matter?

Yes, I (am) matter!
Do you mind?
Does it matter?
Yes, it matters!
What is the matter(with your) mind?
My mind must be (the) matter!
Then, can matter perceive matter?
Can mind perceive mind?
If it matters?
Does it matter?
Yes, it matters!
I must matter so I perceive matter!
And matter is mind and I matter and I mind
And my mind must matter
And I perceive my mind
My matter!
Careful I’ll change my mind!
Then, you mean you’ll change your matter?
Can matter change matter?
If my mind can change my mind
And mind is matter
Then matter can change matter
And mind can change matter
And matter can change mind
My thought is  from my mind
I think therefore I know I  am
And I use my mind to think that
I know I am
And I matter
Because I think I matter
And matter is mind-mind is matter
And I can change my mind
Which means I can change my matter
And my thoughts can change
And then my mind can change
And then my matter can change
And if the universe is matter
And I perceive the universe with my mind
Then it matters and it must have a mind
Because the universe changes its matter and
If thought and mind and I and the universe
All matter
Then all can change their matter/mind/universe
My mind is constantly changing
My matter is constantly changing
The universe is constantly changing
And if my thoughts perceive the universe
Then I see what is invisible or visible depending upon what the eye or mind sees depending upon how my
mind has evolved or changed
My matter has changed
And the universe can change and since universe
And mind and matter are only a perception of thought which can change
Then the universe and I and matter can change each other can change
Reincarnating ourselves from new ideas into

Forms shaped by the visible and invisible
Rhythms forming a different universe
which materializes






The Fountain of Youth
By Bruce Drouin

"His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he shall return to the days of his youth." Job 33

YOU will be Youthful.
Yes, youth is YOU.

Youth it has been said is a “state of awe or bliss"
   Youth it has been described is a feeling of wonder, innocence, freshness; the opposite of cynical and worn out. So in that case younger in age or older in age it doesn’t matter, we can be cynical and worn out at 25 years old and we can be full of wonder at 75 years old. Youth is a state of mind that can be found or lost at any age. Youth is a spiritual state! Youth is alive and full of feeling.  Youth is vibrant and unafraid.  Youth is very much a part of living, changing, discovering and yes, actually staying physically young without the help of cosmetics, fad diets, and work-out regiments. Youth has nothing to do with acting juvenile, crazy, arrogant, irresponsible, or aloof. It is child-like.  Youth is fun, spontaneous, alive, energetic, emotionally responsive, in touch with reality, intelligent, creative and adaptive.  Youth is full of wonder and surprise.   And above all youth is very much in the “present”!  The important point is that because it is a state of mind, it can be accessed in our minds.
        Among those who had lost their youth it was imagined that there was such a thing as a "Fountain of Youth" which had magical waters which sprung up from a special spring that would give those who drank from it or bathed in it healing and rejuvenation. In effect it would reverse age and return those who drank of its waters back to his youth.  Well, many people set out to look for it; sadly, none ever could find it. Why not?  Because it was always inside of themselves. What they had of the Fountain of Youth-its healing and rejuvenating powers were inside of them.  Then why could they not reach it if it was inside themselves? Because they had abandoned themselves in pursuit of things outside of themselves and found sadness instead.   To set out looking for romances, people, power and material possessions to make us happy is to set out on a voyage to nowhere. It is like leaving your house to look for your bedroom.


Pleasures outside of ourselves are seductive powers. They get us hooked and because they can never fulfill us, we drain our life energy pursuing them. We've plugged into a power drainage rather than a Power source.  And the source of all Power is within ourselves! So when we hook into pleasures outside of ourselves, we direct that Power from within us to something outside of ourselves. And because those things outside of ourselves need our Power to keep them alive, they can not give us any Power back to replenish the power they have taken from us.   They take our Youth, our innocence, our wonder.  They disappoint us and constantly let us down. We become miserable, diseased, insatiable, lonely, bitter. Because our energy is draining, we do not have enough energy to sustain our health.  Thus, we become ill, stressed, depressed (drained), diseased, physically aged and inevitably dead.

So, to help with their illness and depression, these people look for cures to replenish their energy and restore them to well-being and health. Or even try moving to a new place, or having a new romance, or maybe it will be a new job, more money, a new project, a new relationship, a brand new drug, a new vacation spot, a new car, a new face lift. more vitamins, a vacation to a spa, a new exercise, a new look-change of clothes, a new house or a remodeling! And as we all know, these things don't last and furthermore, do not give us what we think they should be giving us. We get let down. Does that stop some of us? NO! Pursue and consume and pursue and consume, ad infinitum. They get "high" on the new, on the pursuit, on consuming, and so forth. And all the while they can not understand why they are getting depressed and why their doctors tell them they have high blood pressure or anxiety disorder or manic depression, or panic attacks, and insecurities or hypertension. And still some of them keep trying to change the outer body to cause a change within themselves. So these people get hooked on plastic surgery, exercise regimens, cosmetic treatments, and so on.  In actuality, the more money you have to spend on something to make you happy or looking good, it isn't going to work. That's why it's expensive!  Because most of us know that the best things in life are free or minimally priced!  It's the spending, the hype, the idea that they can afford it, the status and all the "mind games" that they believe if they believe in it enough will cause them to feel a certain way! Well, can one be happy, healthy and youthful without all those things? If not, then none of them are serving its purpose to keep you youthful, healthy and happy. 

And like the powers they depend on for happiness and health and youth, they become just like them: short lived, worn out, unreliable, dependent, moody, unstable, used and abused, and discarded. An object! The saying "you are what you eat" is the same as you are what you touch, what you consume, etc...Depend on objects become like objects! Depend on the people you depend upon and you become like them. The same is true about ideas, depend on those ideas and you become like those ideas. All things outside of ourselves have to be there for us. That means we have to rely on them being there.  That means we have to pay some kind of price to maintain those things or people to be there for us. In a way, we have become dependent or even enslaved  or addicted to those things to be there for us to make us happy and healthy.  So when they are not there or are  unreliable, they cause us unhappiness. It becomes more like the person or object that becomes the source of power now.

That's why if we go inside ourselves, we find eternity and all Power. We find youth.
And we always have access to ourselves. And we can replenish our inner Power from within through spirituality. And we can draw from it at anytime. And it doesn't matter what is around us or where we are.  It's not like a car on a road that runs out of gas 40 miles from the nearest gas station. Whenever, we run out of energy, we can go within and draw from our "fountain"
      Well, smart, rich, or poor, religious or not, unlucky or lucky, rich or famous or not, youth can be found inside yourself. YES! Everybody!  When you find it, you will definitely know it!  You will have found YOU! Nothing more needs to be said. You will never need to be like someone or dependent on someone or something ever again!

This Real Power money can never buy! Nor any material acquisition can ever satisfy or replace YOU or YOUth!  Why do you think people who pursue happiness with money never seem to have enough and are always insecure about running out of it??
Because they don't have any Power! No Real Power!  If they did, they wouldn't be restless and in constant pursuit of more money, new objects, new fads, new diets, new exercises, new new and better better. And this is the latest and this doctor has found the answer or read this book it's go the answer. And the latest spa! And now we need more money because we might lose all of this! Besides we need more money just to maintain all of this. We are telling ourselves that it is this superficial quality that will make me special. And a superficial quality can not do anything internally like bring happiness or youth.  And sad to say, they can not find the Power inside themselves because they're too blind to see by all the objects and places and people around them- outside of them. And sad, they can not see how insecure they look, how unhealthy and neurotic they are getting, and all the while disease - mental and physical is taking its toll. Like "The Masque of the Red Death", by Edgar Allen Poe, Prince Prospero hopes to avoid the red death by living in a well protected castle surrounded in opulence with people who are not diseased by the plague known as the red death.  And in sheer horror he discovers that he and his guests are the very "red death" they have been trying to hide from! By living above the rest of mankind, by separating himself from the majority of the population and living in an opulent lifestyle, he could not see the red death anymore, and because of that, he ran to it! The same is true for those who pursue power outside themselves; they find death instead! Like Prince Prospero, they pursue material wealth and fads to "feel safe and happy" just like the Prince. And all the while they keep pursuing their objects, material, fads, diets, etc. and are never quite peaceful. In reality they are going insane, deteriorating, becoming more dependent, energy drained and enslaved to the very sources of power they have turned to. Inevitably like victims of vampires they have been drained of their "spiritual" life. (Some familiar forms of this dependency/drainage are alcoholism, materialism, hedonism, addiction, greed, insatiable power, violence and aggression  terror, fantasy and escapism) - and all things which distract us and lead us endlessly in unquenchable pursuit. "There is no suffering like selfish desire. The more you satisfy your selfish desires, the more you make it burn. It demands more of what it can not experience-everlasting pleasure unmixed with anything unpleasant" Dharma

HEY EVERYBODY! IT'S NOT TOO LATE! GOOD NEWS! YOU HAVE POWER NOW! It is and has been within you, regardless if you have been dependent on things outside yourself or not.  I have for many years. Almost all my life. And I have found the Power within me. It is God which is the source of all Youth. And I also know, it is never too late to find it! As long as you are still alive and breathing and have somewhat of a thinking mind, then you can reverse the aging process, rejuvenate, bring your disease into remission, rid yourself of mental and bodily illnesses. In essence you can discover or rediscover "the fountain" the healing Power, the life force, the direction that will reverse any illness and restore you to youth or maintain your youth for years.  The Indians and many tribal societies live well into their hundreds happily in youth and their bodies are young -still in their prime!  It is said that Moses lived to 140 years old! And many people who have discovered this truth are still doing that today.  "When the fires of selfish desire have been extinguished, by freeing the mind of desire and fear, then love and peace and perfect health shall awaken within you." Dharma

"So wake up!        
                     Remove the shroud from your slumber        
                  And see life while you’re alive                      
                               As it really is in all its glory           
            Life is not a grave to be mourned over             
      Or a memorial to the past to be commemorated    
                                               from STAR CHILD                            

My return to youth and discovery of the Fountain is true..-how spiritual healing changed my life and restored my youth and health and happiness...(part of my story) 

"I have a happiness I never had in my life. I am not as worried or stuck on one thing for days on end. I fall asleep the moment I hit the pillow- and I never fell asleep like that in 30 years. I pray before I go to sleep. I pray and meditate in the morning.  I exercise regularly. I say thank you to God and people I see many times throughout the day. I stop and meditate and pray when necessary instead of taking a pill or a drink. And I feel relief immediately. I have real friends, only a few and I am content with that and I don't need to have many people in my life nor do I have to be in places where there are lots of people. I have become content being alone. I help others and get satisfaction out of just being able to be of help. I am no longer dependent on having to make sure I please people in my life so they won't leave me. I am no longer co-dependent. I am content to be without a friend if it has to be the case rather than to compromise my peace of mind or my spiritual values. Friends are not meant for us to lean on or depend on, they are meant to share our joys and participate with in the bringing about of happiness for others.  I continuously let go of my dependencies on people and things and I experience joy and freedom.  The same is true about everything! Whenever I let go of something old, outworn, no longer of use or something not good for me, always something better comes into my life. That's how I have learned, we have to constantly let go of things and people. If we don't, we stagnate and get sick. Collect too many things and people in your life- that's the fastest way to get old, diseased and die!  If it isn't spiritually helping me in my life right now, it or they go.  Even if it means letting go of everybody you know and risking having nobody in your life. As the Dhammapada says, "It is better to keep the company of yourself than to be with fools." And the Bible tells me that "he that keeps the company of wise men shall be wise, but he that keeps the company of fools shall perish."
         Well, I couldn't understand why I was getting depressed, sick, and drug dependent. Why were medicines not effective? It is obvious today. Illness is a state of the soul not the body! Look at a picture of me in December of 1999 and then look at a picture of me today. I look happier, healthier and 20 years younger. The biblical verse  "God will return him to his youth if he confess to God that he perverted that which was right." Job 33. My life is a testimony of that. How my body restored itself to health and was made wholly new. Living spiritually has alleviated my manic depression, my alcoholism, lowered my blood pressure, restored my liver, increased my strength to that of a 30 year old, changed my physical constitution, made me 100 times more alert and quicker.


“If any man say, I have sinned, and perverted that which was right, and it profited me not; God will deliver his soul from going into the pit, and his life shall see the light. His flesh shall be fresher than a child’s; he shall return to the days of his youth. He shall pray to God and God will look favorably unto him and shall see his face with joy for God will give him righteousness.” Job 33

   "Let us search and try our ways, and turn to God" Lamentations 3:40         




To allow any political or social group or representative of the Bible or Jesus Christ to turn you away is to allow evil to turn you from your Creator- your only refuge, healer and Lover.  This is why many excluded people have fallen prey to disease. They were chased away by those who misinterpreted or manipulated the Bible and the teachings of Jesus. Those teachings are identical to the spiritual principles of Eastern Faiths which many go back before Christ.  The key to living healthy and happily and prosperous is in the Bible!
"The Lord is gracious, and full of compassion; slow to anger, and of great mercy.

The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works."  Psalm 145:8


When we look for what is good, we find that it comes quite naturally. Why? Because good is as it always has been within us. It is a natural part of our make up. You don't have to be a scientist to know the law of gravity do you?

Since many of my writings correlate with Biblical, Buddhist and Hindu writings, I have cited biblical passages to show the universal truth I have discovered in my own life. I wanted to show you that Spiritual Truths are self evident if you truly seek to do what is Loving and Good. Furthermore, I have found after reading the Bible there is no theology in it, no appointment by God or Jesus to form an organized Church or religion; nor is there ever any law or requirement made by any prophet or even Jesus that we need a religion or ministers to explain to us the Spiritual Truths. Everywhere I looked in the Bible, it writes of God speaking directly to man. "We have seen this day that God does talk with man, and He lives." Deuteronomy 5:24. GOD:"Hear my speeches, and listen to all my words. And I shall teach you wisdom." Job 33 It tells us over and over that God is within us and tells us that we don't need to go through anybody for an intercession with God. "Look not yonder, for the kingdom of Heaven is within You." Luke 17:21. "God is Love" and Life! And God can be immediately called on in a split second! "If you look for the Lord your God then you shall find Him." Deuteronomy 4:29 And that Jesus worked miracles through the Power of God which is LOVE! And Jesus condemned nobody and Jesus spoke out against religious hypocrites.  He even told us that we would work miracles like He did and even more, "Greater miracles than these that I have done will you do"! And Jesus' message and only commandment was always LOVE! "A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 13:34 Jesus was here to teach us how to live spiritually and to do the things He did:  how we can heal the sick-by prayer and faith. He taught how we are to love, how to forgive, how to cast out evil, and how we are to live long and prosperous. He never taught us to be dependent on anybody or to have to wait for His return again so we could "be saved". Nor did He say he would send someone in His place to watch over us while He was gone. That is in direct contradiction to everything Jesus said and did. Because He knew people would want to profit on His teachings,  he warned us "Beware of false prophets." He said everyone of us who believed in Him could do the same thing He did. That was the only requirement. FAITH!  And most amazing, I have found so many common spiritual principles  in the Bible with the Buddhist Dhammapada  and  the teachings of the American Indians and the Hindus and just in the many things I have heard people saying while traveling across the United States. Why is that? Because Spiritual Laws are as consistent with us human beings as is the law of gravity. It doesn't matter what corner of the earth you're on, what religion or nationality you are,  you still have the same physical and spiritual laws that govern everyone of us, today as well as 3,000 years ago.  All spiritual laws agree that God is WITHIN US! Even the many agnostics who were the first pioneers of AA said that  "we found the Great Reality deep down within us. In the last analysis it is only there that He may be found." "We the Agnostics" p.56 Alcoholics Anonymous. There is where He has to be found. And all of them agree that Heaven whether it is called "Nirvana" or Bliss or Peace or Eternal Youth IS INSIDE OF US! And all of them agree that dependency or attachment to earthly materials and pleasures lead to fear, then to greed and power, then to justified selfishness and then to loneliness and sorrow, then to paranoia and mental and physical disease including addictions, and then to despair - or HELL! And the greater the dependency the greater the pain and disease and the quicker the life passage "days fly by" and aging happens rapidly; then death.  And just like Heaven is found within us; we can find a HELL there, if we create one by attaching to much importance on worldly things. Possessions enslave us. And hell is a prison or "poison". The Power to free ourselves, heal ourselves, and to be happy again resides within us. And attaining Heaven and Happiness and Health begins when we detach from our worldly attachments and begin to depend on God within us. And look for Heaven within us and NOT out there in someone else or in some island paradise.
 It is said that "at the gates of Hell is the gates of Heaven" or vice versa wherever you are at. Why? Because they both reside within us! So do you want to live in HEAVEN while you are on this earth or do you want to live in hell?  Look around you today, do you see Heaven or do you see Hell?  That which you see is from within you! Where else do you think you are seeing from? Where are your eyes? Where is your mind? Where is your Heart? Where is your Conscious? Well, I am sure you answered they are all within you. Well, then you are seeing your world from within! And nothing outside of yourself will change what is within you. The  only way to change the outside view is to change where you are viewing it from. Within. And we change by going back within ourselves. You have that choice to live in heaven or hell daily.
The Truth within you will always set you free from hell. And at once you will be in Heaven! "God is Love" and "I am the Way and the Life" So then, Love, Truth, and Forgiveness and Detachment is the way out! And God's Road is "The Path of Mercy and Truth"  Be forgiving (mercy) and Honest (Truth) with yourself and others and you will be on the Path of Peace, Health, Prosperity. So see the truth, admit your mistakes,  be merciful, forgive yourself and others and move on by Loving and giving to others and making the world around you a better place. And the writings in this website will help you with Your Journey along the Path of Happiness and Health!

We already have peace, prosperity, health and happiness right inside of us! So what are we waiting for?   "Look not yonder, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. It is within you!" Luke 17:21 So obviously, we don't need anyone to make a heaven for us nor do we have to wait to die to get to heaven! Read the Bible if you don't believe it. Give your conscious a listening to. It is your transmitter to God. Turn off the outside Distortion or NOISE around you. Reality is within you! LISTEN TO THE MOST IMPORTANT NEWS FROM THE PERSON WHO DETERMINES HOW MUCH MORE TIME YOU HAVE  LEFT IN THIS LIFE  - YOU! You are your own forecast!  Because that's the only person inside you. Right?  LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR HEART HAS TO SAY! That's where the REAL NEWS is at. Regardless your heart has control over your life anyway. And regardless of where your mind is at, if you don't pay attention to your heart, it will ATTACK YOU with a "heart attack" or some disease! Illness and disease are all signs that we have not paid attention to ourselves and have been minding our business elsewhere. If we follow our hearts we will live happier and a lot longer! And then the world outside of us would definitely be a better place. Your heart really wants to live, you know! That's what it's there for. FOR LIFE! And only you can ignore it and starve it or you can listen to it and feed it with LOVE!

EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE OUTSIDE US THAT WE DEPEND ON IN SOME FORM OR ANOTHER USES OUR POWER SUPPLY!! IS THAT PERSON OR THING GIVING US SPIRITUAL ENERGY IN RETURN? Happiness, Love, Hope, Faith, PEACE, PEACE of MIND, HEALTH? Only GOD gives us an endless supply of energy. God dependency is like being plugged into electricity. Anything else we are dependent on is a lie because it or they are really plugged into us!!

All of us can  reach God which is in OUR HEARTS.  "The Kingdom of Heaven is within us." Luke 17:21   "Nirvana is within you" I HAVE FOUND THIS - my health is restored.  (see The Truth Within Us)

Use your Faith

It’s your eyes when you’re in the dark!





“Enter at the gate for narrow is the way which leads to life”
There’s a door to the next room.  Only you can get through the doorway!




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Dear Bruce,

        I liked your website and thoughts and prayers you offer.  I am a musician, writer, speaker/comedian/actress, life coach & healer, and what I call "spiritual activist" and I am looking for spiritual conferences/events to play my uplifting music.  It's a combination of pop, soft rock, and singer/songwriter confessional storytelling styles. For instance, I have one song I do at the end of concerts called "We're All Here For Each other" that everyone can relate to and people say they leave the concert feeling much better about their own lives.  This is my goal and I would love to play at any event you may be involved in down the road.  Congratulations on getting the word out and may you have much success. The world needs your messages now more than ever.  If you're interested, you can find out more about what I do at my web sites.
Aliah Selah (solo music and spiritual activism)  (lots of my writing on healing emotionally and spiritually) (lots of writing on physical and mental healing and my "life coach" services)
www.rockaholix,com (my comedy about being a rockahoix which I now can admit to and do some stand up sets about) (for my spiritual rock band SPIRAL and our TV Production company Spiral On Productions and soon to be the home for our publishing company Spiralonwords Publishing)






Hi Bruce,

I have been reading a lot of your prayers and I found them so helpful...I suffer from Panic/anxiety attacks and I just made a support group to help others like me...I was wondering if I would be able to use some of your prayers on my web page?I think that if some of them just pray they will feel better and give them some feeling of love.A lot of our members are very down and I am sure they can use a prayer... 

So if its ok if I used some..please let me know ASAP.....Thank you Kathy 

P.S. I love your web site and thank you for sharing it with others....





Antony       India

I have gone thro' your materials.....Glad to know THERE IS ANOTHER CHRISTIAN IN THIS WORLD to THINK in a different angle about Jesus and his healing missions....... If you can let me know about some other websites or your own material about THE KINGDOM OF GOD  what Jesus preached please do........


Your site is very good, but... you still have one more step to take. There is not God AND you...there is only God. He... is the I AM within you...He is the I AM within every one !

( I... and my "Father", are One! ) Please take a few minutes to check it out



Thanks for your message! 

- Los High Tops


HI Bruce 

I spent some time this morning browsing your website. Congratulations. Thanks for alerting me.I've added a link from the White Crane Journal page to your site. Noting: "Here's the site of a spiritual writer named Bruce Drouin. He's a recovered alcoholic. He tells and interesting story of his life (on the page this links to). He's apparently not gay himself, but attributes the motivation for his recovery to the influence of a gay PWA. The site includes poetry and spiritual writing." Toby Johnson editor, <A HREF="">White Crane: A Journal of Gay Men's Spirituality</A> mail to:


I am asking for permission to print two poems, WE BURN LIKE STARS and LIKE A TREE in tne United Auto Workers, Local 86, newsletter. They will be in our Chaplains Column. This paper is mailed to 1400 union workers and retirees in northwest Ohio and southern Michigan. I discovered your poems on the internet. Thank-you,
Vick McKeever
Napoleon, Ohio
co-editor, 86 Review


WOW! What a great collection of work! Your poetry was excellent! It was very unique and in fact, I loved it. I have a feeling you will get picked up by a larger publishing house. Please drop me a note. Great work!
Michael P. Jones
Horse Latitudes Press
Rhododendron, Oregon


I'm not quite sure how this site got forwarded to me, however, I always accept divine gifts! What a joy. My spirit is refreshed and gladdened. I will be a frequent visitor.

 Dayton, Ohio





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