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What then shall we say to these things?
For if God is with us, who can be against us?

What Freedom Means To Me

Freedom is the joy you get from working with your hands,
It's sharing some simple wisdom with someone who understands.

Freedom is the security of knowing right from wrong,
It's in the pleasure you feel when you sing your favorite song.

Freedom is the time you spend in the company of good friends,
It's figuring out the movie's plot before the movie ends.

Freedom is seeing happiness shine in the eyes of a child,
It's waking up every morning to the sight of a loving smile.

Freedom is the love you feel when your child looks up at you,
It's in the pride you take when that child learns something new.

Freedom is the comfort of a cool summer night,
It's a romantic dinner for two shared by candlelight.

Freedom is the right you have to stand up for what you believe,
It's why so many men have died so we can live in peace.

Freedom is watching the new sun rise to greet another day,
It's reaching for your spouse's hand as you bow your heads to pray.

Freedom is a precious gift given by our loving, living Lord,
It's in the hopes and dreams we share to live of one accord.

Freedom is knowing without a doubt God listens to our prayers,
It's one of the many ways He shows us how much He really cares.

Freedom is the choice we make to walk the righteous path,
It's giving God all the thanks and praise for the freedom that we have.

~G. Thomas Paro, copyright 2002, the year of my salvation

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