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Greg's Official Contest Headquarters

Reasons to enter this contest:

If you are not familiar with the concept of madlibs, i suggest you not enter this contest....or do, i don't really care. Send all entries to the SN muthaefinfbm on AIM.

Fill in the word's between the stars and a prize.

Tonight was freekin' *adjective*! Greg got a 6 Pack of *beer* and Matt grabbed a 12 pack of American Ice. We were watchin' *comedy show* on the TV when the idea for the most *adjective* song ever hit us. Greg, Matt, Alex, Kelsey, *person 1*, and *person 2* all ran to the basement as fast as they could. Alex started slamming out a beat better then *band* could back when they were cool. Kelsey flipped on the drum machine so fast it blew the *clothing item* right off of *person*'s *body part*. Greg's fingers slid slickly up and down the supple neck of his newly acquired *brand* bass. Matt's smooth and *adjective* trumpet rhythms set a(n) *mood* tone to the musical masterpiece. *person 1* grabbed an *instrument*, and taking a cue from Alex, *person 2* grabbed the biggest *noun* they could find and started screaming into it. A better jam was never heard at any point in the existance of man.