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Isn't it just weird,
When the blue sky,
Perfectly smiling,
Starts to cry…..

Or even
When beauty drains from petals,
Becoming dark
And woren out.

Within minutes,
Disagreements arise,
And disappointments with raging anger
Has stolen your best friend.

Within seconds,
Laughter dies,
And your other half..
Has to depart….

Isn't it just werid
That our love
So strong and unlimited
Results in broken hearts…


A Broken Heart…


Think for a moment…
When was the last time we talked?
Do you even remember?
Maybe I'm not worth it...
Not worth your showerings
Of love and affection

I may not be a goddess
But don't I deserve
To be happy?
To be missed?
To be loved?

Why won't you speak to me?
Have I done wrong
And if I did,
Forgive me.
I'm human
Not a divine being

You claim your love…
But how often?
Once a month…
Maybe twice…

Hate, sadness, despair
Occupies my soul
Do I deserve such emotions?

Why can't you support me?
Within your arms…
Brush away my tears
Greet me with joy
Make my soul drunk
With hope…

If you love me…
Why do u permit me…
Permit me to remain like this

Help me…
If you love me…


I Give up!

I give up
My heart no longer sails,
Rather it sinks
Like an anchor; so eager
To sleep, in comfort,
On its bed.

I give up
Strength drains from within me
Like grains of sand
Easing its way, through crevices
And joints,
As its attempts, achieved.
Lies beside its companion
On its bed.

I give up
Pain drowns me,
Like an oil spill
Striving to grasp a breath,
A breathe of fresh air.
As the last straw…
Slips away…






© 2002 Gitanjali Khushalani