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Fugitive of gloom

As i lie,

Tears trickle onto my pillow...

O sleep,

Please put me under your spell

Let me depart from The indignation

The indignity

The indecense of these inhuman creatures.

Alone in the dark

The hardest emotions overtake my heart

The light,

which once shone over me,

Has departed.

Loneliness drives me crazy.


My heart melts

Stimulating tears...

Leaving paths of coldness

before falling off...

Falling off the cliff of lonliness

Unto the bare earth...



~Embracing Darkness~

Livin in gloom
Stuck in a sick sad world
No reason to love anyone
Neither parents or friends
Cause they're gonna be gone…
In the end

Happiness sneaks out,
No attempt to regain
Darkness fills my soul,
Yet satisfied with bitterness…
In the end.

Walkin through happiness
With a mask,
Enjoying gloom
No complaints, no pain
Livin it cool…
In the end…




© 2002 Gitanjali Khushalani