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Mere Visions

I dreamt….
That I saw you,
You walked onto the shore,
Towards me
Into reality
Finally unlocked.

You entered my dreams
But yet slipped away
Come back…
Into reality
I'll unlock you.

Placed you into day dreams
My smiles, my joys
Revolve around you.
One day I'll find you..I'll turn you
Into reality.
We'll unlock our love,






Mental thoughts

Seated in noise
With only music notes lingering
I fail to understand, the thoughts,
Around me
So familiar,
Yet as the strange as the person in front.

Lazy, serious
And smiling faces
Forms a mask, on him and her
The ideas racing through minds,
remains ….. top secret.

But our mere whispers to a friend,
Aids in revealing them.



Wounded soul

A wounded soul, am I
That searches for my master
To beheld by his strength
Away from gloom
And sorrow
Whose attempts to conquer me,
Has failed.

A depressed person, am I
That seeks happiness so pure
That enriches the lips across my face
Feeding my cheeks with sparks of fire.

A heart of stone, am I
That wished to recover a heart of love,
Would make the butterflies
Dance against my stomach walls,
To excite my deepest desires,
With hope…
And sweet tranquility, again.






© 2002 Gitanjali Khushalani